01/10/2022   Serena Di Fabio and Alessio Coppola are the winner of the Italian U16 Championships



The Italian U16 Championships are underway in Caorle near Venice.
This is  an important end-of-season race that also assigns two trophies (one for men and one for women) to the winning region in the 20 track specialties.

3.000m track walk U16 girls
The 3000m U16 track walk is a race without history.
Serena Di Fabio, from Chieti, discovered and coached by Nicola Piro of Polisportiva Thetys who this year has already rejoiced for Martina Sciannamea's U18 European silver set the pace.
Serena di Fabio immediately takes the lead, chased a few meters by Margherita Discepoli, Sofia Tomassoni, Laurentia Mereuta and Beatrice Polmonari.
- at 1.000m
The advantage of Serena di Fabio (who passed in 4:44:8) has become more consistent over Sofia Tomassoni and Margherita Discepoli. Behind them always in the group of the first pursuers Laurentia Mereuta, Beatrice Polmonari and Vittoria Merati.
- at 2.000m
Always in the lead Serena Di Fabio (9:37.2 - seconds 1.000m in 4:52.4). In second position are now Laurentia Mereuta and Sofia Tomassoni.
In te last part of the race the heavy technical situation for Vittoria Merati falls. In the time of two minnutes she receive  four red cards and she will be disqualified after the arrival.
Victory to Serena Di Fabio in 14:12.53
Second place to Laurentia Mereuta in 15:22.32
Third place to Margherita Discepoli in 15:27.27
Fourth place to Beatrice Palmonari in 15:28.75
Fifth place for Sofia Tomassoni in 15:45.20
Sixth place to Valentina Adamo in 15:46.45
5.000m track walk U18 boys
Alessio Coppola (Club Sportiamo of Trieste) coached by former Italian national team walker Diego Cafagna immediately takes the lead with a very nice walk.
Personally we are not friends of his coach, far from it, but on this specific occasion we must congratulate him on how he managed to best prepare this young athlete for this event.
Coppola had one of the most interesting accreditation marks (23:20.5) and was considered perhaps the main opponent of Nicolò Vidali (22:42.50) who competed for the PBM Bovisio Masciago, historical walking club in Italy.
- at 1.000m: Alessio Coppola is leading in 4:51.8 followed by Francesco Sportelli, Emmanuel De Benedisctis, Marcello Scalise, Marco Finocchietti and Niccolò Vidal.
- at 2.000m: Coppola's escape becomes very interesting. His split time is 9:36.2 (seconds 1.000m in 4:34.4). His advantage over Emmanuel De Benedictis is about 4 seconds. The others follow.
- at 3.000m: Alessio Coppola always in the lead in 14:18.1 (third 1.000m in 4:41.9). Nicolò Vidal reached (14:33.14) and passed Emmanuel De Benedictis (14:34.48).
In fourth position is Marco Finocchietti (14:35.16) and fifth position Marcello Scalise (14:35.93)
Those 15 seconds of advantage of Coppola begin to weigh on the final result of the race, also because the technical situation is totally in favor of him.
- at 4.000m: Alessio Coppola with his white cap on his head begins to smell the scent of victory after the bronze last season. His passage is 19:01.0 (fourth 1.000m in 4:42.9). Niccolò Vidal tries to react, but now the lead of the Trieste's walker is unassailable and he will have to settle for the silver. For the bronze Marco Finocchietti has reached and passed Emmanuel, De Benedictis who is burdened with two red cards.
- at the bell: Coppola (21:24.51), Vidal (21:46.27), Finocchietti (21:58.93) and De Benedictis (22: 06.17)
Victory to Alessio Coppola in 23:43.41 with the last 1.000m covered in 4:42.41
Second place to Niccolò Vidal in 24:07.60
Third place to Marco Finocchietti in 24:28.25
Fourth place to Emmanuel De Benedictis in 24:37.70
Fifth place for Marcello Scalise in 24:48.97
Sixth place to Filippo Gorelli in 24:56.27
(Photos by Francesca Grana/Fidal, ITA)