30/09/2022   Surgery for the Olympic champion of the 20km walk Antonella Palmisano



Surgery for the Olympic champion of the 20km walk Antonella Palmisano, operated yesterday morning at the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna.
Today the athlete underwent surgery to remove the fibrous septum englobing the sciatic nerve in the deep gluteal space of the left hip. The surgical team headed by Dr. Dante Dallari expressed a positive opinion on the progress of the surgery. The athlete will have to observe a rest period of one week, and then begin rehabilitation.
Recovery times will be evaluated later.


The operation was aimed at resolving definitively the physical problems that strongly affected the Italian champion, in particular during 2022, forcing her to give up the World Championships in Eugene and the European Championships in Munich. For the 31-year-old of the Fiamme Gialle trained by Patrizio Parcesepe, queen of five circles with the memorable triumph of last year on the streets of Sapporo, the viewfinder then moves to the World Championships in Budapest next August and the Paris Olympics scheduled in 2024.


"Now I can start dreaming again for future years - the words of Antonella Palmisano - I couldn't wait to face this surgery, because this year the annoyance had really worsened and was starting to limit me a little too much: it was no longer manageable, I felt it even when I was sitting and not just when I was walking. I have to thank all the Rizzoli team who was by my side: they were very kind and reassured me. I am heartened by the fact that a second surgery will not be needed. Now a lot of rehabilitation awaits me "