29/09/2022   Whiting, New Jersey (USA): Maria Michta-Coffey and Jason Jya Hsin Cherng have been the winners of the USA National Championships



On Sunday, September 25, the US National Open Walking Championships took place in Whiting, New Jersey (USA).
Whiting is an unincorporated community located on the west side of Manchester Township in Ocean County, New Jersey, United States
The races took place in the Harry Wright Lake area over the 5km distance.
Not many athletes at the start, but the presence of a group of Master athletes of various categories meant that numerically there was a series of acceptable races.



5km women


At the start there are 16 athletes (3 senior; 4 U20 and 9 Masters).


Maria Michta-Coffey and Robyn Stevens immediately lead the race.

Their intermediate steps (lap distances are 1.250m) are as follows:

- 1 lap: Michta-Coffey - 5:34; Stevens: 5:35

- 2 laps: Michta-Coffey - 11:20 (5:46); Stevens: 11:21 (5:46)

Just before 3 miles, Maria Michta-Coffey gains some seconds on Robyn Stevens.

- 3 laps: Michta-Coffey - 17:06 (5:46); Stevens: 17:14 (5:53)


At the finish on the 5km victory for Maria Michta-Coffey (USA) in 22:45

Second place to Robyn Stevens (USA) in 23:00

Third place to  Angelica Harris (USA) in 24:19 (5:54 - 12:00 - 18:14). She is the first U20



5km men


At the start there are 22 athletes (3 senior; 5 U20 and 16 Masters).


Carson Johnson takes the lead immediately passing to first lap in 5:15 followed by Jason Jya Hsin Cherng a twenty year old athlete from Taipei who runs for the USA and competes for the United States.

But already in the second lap the situation was reversed.

Jason Jya Hsin Cherng takes the lead in 10:55 (5:35) while Carson Johnson is second behind by 9 seconds in 11:04 (5:49)

At third lap the situation does not change: Jason Jya Hsin Cherng in the lead in 16:41 (5:36) while Carson Johnson is second behind by 25 seconds in 17:06 (6:02)


Victory to Cherng Jason Jya Hsin (USA) in 22:19 (personal best)

Second place to Carson Johnson (USA) in 22:59

Third place to an old acquaintance of the world Masters, Dmitry Babenko (CAN) a Ukrainian with Canadian citizenship for years in 23:18 who also sets the new national record of can ada for the Masters category 45-49.





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