25/09/2022   Finals of the Italian U18 Clubs Championships: lights and shadows




In the various locations scattered along the Italian peninsula, the finals of the U18 Clubs Championships on track were held which, as we recall, also include the two walking events over the distance of 5,000m for both boys and girls.
The competitions for the award of the Italian champion team are still underway on Sunday, but as regards the performance of the walkers they have already told what they had to tell.
And as always happens, the story has positive and negative tones.


Let's start with the positive ones.


In the U18 boys, in Rieti where Final A takes place, Matteo Arisi won the race in 22:12.53.

For the young fifteen year old who competes for CUS Parma, already bronze medal this year at the EYOF in Banka Bystrica, this performance is the confirmation of a growth that is now fully metabolised: in fact this is the third seasonal performance after the 22:02.71 of Banka Bystrica and on 22:09.44 obtained on 29.5.2022 at the Brixia Meeting in Brixen.

The second best result have been obtained by Omar Moretti (22:37.46) in Abbadia San Salvatore where the Tirrenic Fidal B takes place.

Behind him, in Molfetta where the Adriatic Final B takes place, we find the other emerging name of the U18 category, Giuseppe Di Sabato who in a solitary race finished in 22:38:30, detaching the second athlete by over 16 minutes.

We could end here, but we also like to remember that in Rieti, Andrea Di Carlo, despite a stop in the penalty zone of 30" for only 99/100 of a second, did not break down the wall at 23:00.


In women, on the other hand, the positive notes come only from the distance comparison between Giulia Gabriele, who competed in Rieti and Martina Sciannamea, who competed in Molfetta.

This time Giulia Gabriele prevailed in 23:38.78 while Martina Sciannamea stopped the clock in 25:02.89


And we come to the negative notes.


Unfortunately they once again concern the technical situation.

We summarize it in the following tables which should make the coaches of the individual athletes reflect, but also the judges who judged.

We leave any comments to individuals.

For our part, we limit ourselves to a laconic: "Is it possible that this is so?"



U18 boys



Venue Started Penalty Zone  DQed  % on started
Rieti 9 3 1 44%
Clusone 2 - - 0%
Vittorio Veneto 4 1 2 75%
Molfetta 4 1 1 50%
Abbadia San Salvatore 2 - - 0%
Total 21 5 4 43%



U18 girls



Venue Started Penalty Zone  DQed  % on started
Rieti 10 1 - 10%
Clusone 5 - 1 20%
Vittorio Veneto 9 - 1 11%
Molfetta 4 - - 0%
Abbadia San Salvatore 5 1 - 20%
Total 33 2 2 12%



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