16/09/2022   The section in Italian will be updated only for news of high interest for the Italian public






Probably our most regular readers have already noticed this small change: the opening page of the Marcia dal Mondo site is now in English and no longer in Italian.


This change had been in the air for some time, but we had always delayed it. Now after the "crash" a week ago that led to the site being stopped, our provider has analysed the reasons and we have come to the conclusion that keeping two completely identical bilingual sections (Italian and English) active has a weight in terms of very high gigabyte and which also slows down the search.

Furthermore, even the cost to pay for the additional gigabytes is not insignificant for those who, like us, do not have a sponsor.


As we recently showed you, in the first eight months of the year 2022, the number of users who visited the site in Italian was 5,440 compared to a total of 22,421 total users.


We therefore decided to keep updated only the English section of the news.

This does not mean that the Italian language section will be deleted.

The sections: calendar, competitions and results, gallery, videos, history, characters, statistics, techniques, training and prevention remain available in both languages.


The news section in Italian will however be fed only occasionally for news of high interest to the Italian audience.