15/09/2022   Various locations in Italy will host the finals of the Club Championships this weekend



The weekend of 17-18 September 2022 will be an intense weekend.
In fact, the national track finals of the Club Championships will take place, the most awaited ones.


The gold final will take place in Brescia, the most important one with the following participating teams:



Athletic Club 96 Alperia, Atletica Studentesca Rieti Andrea Milardi, Atletica Biotekna, Enterprise Sport&Service, Atletica Firenze Marathon, Quercia Trentingrana, Atletica Virtus Lucca, Cus Pro Patria Milano, Cus Parma, Atletica Lecco Colombo Costruzioni, La Fratellanza 1874 Modena, Atletica Bergamo 1959 Oriocenter, Avis Barletta.


Women: Atletica Brescia 1950 Metallurgica San Marco, Bracco Atletica, Cus Pro Patria Milano, Assindustria Sport, Atletica Brugnera Pordenone Friulintagli, Atletica Studentesca Rieti Andrea Milardi, Cus Parma, Atletica Riviera del Brenta, La Fratellanza 1874 Modena, Atletica Firenze Marathon, Battaglio Cus Torino, Acsi Italia Atletica.


The other locations are:

Perugia where the Silver final will take place

Palermo where the Bronze final will take place

Saronno where the final B will take place


The two walking events of the gold final in Brescia are scheduled at 19:10 on Saturday and will take place simultaneously with the men in lane 1 (and who will compete on the 10,000m distance) and the women in lane 5. Obviously Brescia presents as registered athletes with the best potential.


In males we find Riccardo Orsoni, Andrea Cosi and Francesco Fortunato, as well as Leonardo Dei Nos, Vito Di Bari and Giacomo Brandi


In females (who will compete on the 5.000m distance) the best known names are those of Valentina Trapletti, Alexandrina Mihai the only two athletes with an entry time less than 23:00.00


In the other finals all the races, both men and women, will take place over a distance of 5,000m.

The best known names are:

Perugia: Emiliano Brigante in males, while in females there is a quartet with bombastic names: Federica Curiazzi, Vittoria Giordani, Giada Traina and Mariavittoria Becchetti.

Palermo: will offer the fight between Gianluca Picchiottino and Stefano Chiesa in men, while in women we will find that between Sara Vitiello and Vittoria Di Dato.

Saronno: has a single name of high interest, that of Simona Bertini