07/08/2022   Birmingham (GBR): Evan Dunfee (CAN) wins Commonwealth Games 2022



The men's race walking event of the Commonwealth Games over the 10,000m track walk sees only 10 athletes at the start, but with a very interesting chronometric level.

The following countries are represented: Australia (Rhydian Cowley, Kyle Swan and Declan Tingay); Canada (Evan Dunfee); England (Tom Bosworth and Callum Wilkinson); India (Amit Amit and Sandeep Kumar); Kenya (Samuel Kireri Gathinmba) and New Zealand (Quentin Rew)
The fastest personal best is that of Evan Dunfee (38:39.72), the slowest is that of Sandeep Kumar (46:55.97).
In terms of season best, the best time is that of Declan Tingay (39:01.30).
The first 5km:
At 1km there are six in the leading pack (3:49:29) led by Sandeep Kumar, with Gathimba, Dunfee, Tingay, Amit and Bosworth. Behind them  the others.
The initial skirmishes continue and alternate at the head of the group of leaders Gathimba, Dunfee and again Sandeep Kumar who is leading at 4km in 15: 9.61 followed by Gathimba, Dunfee and Tingay.
More detached Bosworth and Wilkin but soon returned.
Halfway through the race the pass always sees Sandeep Kumar in the lead (19: 23.53), but the others are very close.
Kyle Swan, Tom Bosworth and Rhydian Cowley have a red card against them, while Quentin Rew has already been disqualified.
The second 5km:
At 6km Tingay takes the lead with a clocked 3:51:75/km and a total time of 23:15.52. Wilkinson led behind him followed by Kumar, Gathimba and Dunfee. The others are out of the fight for their medals, with the Indian Amit in a deep crisis in last position.
At 7km Tinday always leads (27:03.71 - last km in 3:48.19) followed by Kumar at about ten meters (27:08.42) with Gathimba and Dunfee a few meters later.
Still in the lead Tingay at 8km (30:57.92 - last km in 3:53.21), but he is closely followed by Evan Dunfee (30:58.88) and Sandeep Kumar (31:01.58).
Behind them Wilkinson (31:14:44) and Gathimba (31:16.94), Tom Bosworth has two red cards for loss of contact and Kyle Swan has received three and will be stopped in the penalty area. Kumar also has a red card against him.
At 9km Evan Dunfee took the lead in 34:52.32 (last km in 3:53.33). Behind him the fight becomes heated for the other medals between Declan Tingay and Sandeep Kumar, who are very close
For fourth place Callum Wilkinson overtook Samuel Kireri Gathimba



Gold goes to Evan Dunfee (CAN) in 38:36.37 (with a last km covered in 3:44.18) which represents the Commonwealth Games record as well as the new personal best of the athlete who is also Canada's national record (previous of 38:39.72 obtained in Burnaby, CAN on 12.6.2021)
Silver goes to Declan Tingay (AUS) in 38:42.33 personal best
Bronze to Sandeep Kumar (IND) in 38:49.21
Fourth place to Callum Wilkinson (ENG) in 39:06.28
Fifth place went to Samuel Kireri Gathimba (KEN) in 39:23.14 personal best
Sixth place to Kyle Swan (AUS) in 40:49.79
Seventh place to Tom Bosworth (AUS) in 40:58.64
Eighth place in Bhydian Cowley (AUS) in 41:28.05
Ninth place to Amit (IND) in 43:04.97