06/08/2022   Birmingham (GBR): Jemima Montag (AUS) wins Commonwealth Games 2022




The women's competition scheduled for today at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022 starts at 10:32 am
The first 5km:
The Indian athlete Priyanka immediately leads the group
- 1km: Priyanka leading in 4:21.67
- 2km: Always Priyanka leading in 8:40.37 (4:18.70) together with Emily Wamusji Ngii (KEN) and Jemima Montag (AUS)
- 3km: the head situation has not changed. The passage is 12:57.95 (4:17.58). Behind the races, other Australian athletes Katie Hayward and Rebecca Henderson. More distanced Heater Lewis (WAL) and Bethan Davies (WAL) and lastly the other athlete from India Bhawna Jat.
- 4km: Nothing changes in the lead, but the pace slows down. Priyanka is leading in 17:18.76 (4:40.81). Katie Hayward (AUS) received a red card for loss of contact.
- 5km: Jemima Montag (AUS) forced the pace (5th km in 4:18:18) and took the lead with a pass of 21:35.37.
Behind her Emily Wamusji Ngii in 21.36.80 and with a red card for loss of contact. Priyanka (IND) follows in 21:37.78.
Katie Hayward is fourth in 22: 00.20
The second 5km:
At 6km the Australian who has forced the pace is in the lead kn 25:37.49 (4:02.12). Ngii (26:01.18) and Priyanka (26:02.81) follow. Katie Hayward (AUS) has now received three red cards and will be stopped by the jury in the penalty area
At 7km Montag passes in 29:50.40 (4:12.91). The two chasers in 30:30.87. Behind them Rebecca Henderson (31:02.43), Heater Lewis (31:17.13), Bethan Davies (31:56.38) while Katie Hayward slipped to seventh place in 32:06.88.
At 8km the lead positions do not change. Montag passes in 34:41.58 (4:51.18). It should be noted that Emily Wamusji Ngii has two red cards against her: the fight for silver and bronze becomes incandescent.
At 9km Jemima Montag (AUS) has increased her pace again and with 1km covered in 3:40.73 she passes in 38: 22.31. Her advantage over her second is now nearly a minute. In second position now Priyanka (IND) passes in 39:20.75 who trailed Ngii by 5 seconds (39:25.84).
Undisputed victory for Jemima Montag (AUS) in 42:34.00 (with a last km in 4: 11.69). New personal best of the athlete.
Second place to Priyanka (IND) in 43:38.82 also for her new personal best
Third place to Emily Wamusji Ngii (KEN) IN 43:50.00 Area Record and obviously personal best.
Fourth place to Rebecca Henderson (AUS) in 44:44.00
Fifth place at Heater Lewis (WAL) in 45:09.00
Sixth place to Bethan Davies (WAL) in 45:45.00
Seventh place to Katie Hayward (AUS) in 46:09.00
Eighth place in Bhawna Jat (IND) in 47:14.00