05/08/2022   Cali (COL): Mazlum Demir (TUR) wins in front of Ismail Benhammouda (ALG) and Hayrettin Yldiz (TUR)




A little more complicated is the reading of the men's start list with only 28 athletes at the start but with many athletes with very similar marks.

The season leader is Mazlum Demir (TUR) who also boasts the only time below 41:00.00 (40:42.09) followed by Nicola Lomuscio (ITA) with 41:22.21 and Ismail Benhammouda (ALG) with 41:54.82.
The two Japanese Riku Oie (41:18 on 10km) and Shotaro Shimoike (41:11 on 10km) also have significant marks, but obtained on road.
The competition is also very open due to the presence of two strong athletes from Brazil, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain, but also Mateo Romero (COL) who will have the support of the public.
A little in the shade this season the reigning World Champion of Nairobi 2021, Heristone Wanyonyi Wafula (KEN) who after winning last year in 42:10.84 this season has not done better than 43:16.10.
In our opinion, the race will be won on the technical comparison. Whoever will be able to express a pleasant technical gesture accepted by the jury will already have more than 50% chance of obtaining a good result.
The others who may not be able to dominate the youthful enthusiasm will most likely face unpleasant surprises such as Penalty Zone (60 seconds) or even DQ.


10.000m U20 men track walk


In the men’s race, Demir – who led for several kilometres at the World Race Walking Team Championships before fading and eventually finishing 11th – lived up to his billing as the fastest man in the field to comfortably claim the 25-lap win.


Six weeks after walking to a 40:42.09 national U20 record, the 18-year-old improved on his sixth-place finish from Nairobi to grab the gold medal in 42:36.02, as Algeria’s Ismail Benhammouda, 19, collected the silver with 42:42.49.


Demir’s compatriot, Hayrettin Yildiz, narrowly claimed the bronze medal with a tight finish against Oussama Farhat of Tunisia - the 18-year-old crossing the line in 43:07.95 to the 17-year-old’s 43:20.84 lifetime best.  


"Coming here as a world leader, I was used to this but I managed my stress and became a world champion," said Demir. "And my training partner and my teammate is on the podium. It's a great honour for my country, because we made history. We've never had two medallists in one event. We came here fit and managed to get two medals."


The race took place in the first part at a rather low pace, but in the final stages on the push of Mazlum Demir the pace increases and returns to values worthy of a U20 world final.

The judges take care of the cards, who in our opinion have worked well even if perhaps a little too permissive.
It therefore happens that the great hope of Colombia, Mateo Romero, was terribly sent to the "penalty zone" just 500 meters to go, losing the medal to finish 12th in 44:21.40, and finally the Kenyan Heristone Wanyonyi Wafula - the surprise winner of this title in Nairobi last year - was disqualified.
This leads to a completely unexpected podium, even if the victory of seasonal leaders Mazlum Demir (TUR) was quite expected.
What was not so expected was the silver won by Ismail Benhammouda (ALG).
To complete the podium, for the joy of our friend Mustafa Akyavas, selector, coordinator and head ofrace walking in Turkey, the other young athlete: Hayrettin Yldiz.
For about ten years Mustafa Akyavas has been working silently and with method on race walking in Turkey, almost always organizing competitions at a good level and with the presence of international judges. Never a polemic protest for the disqualifications suffered in this period, but simply a roll up your sleeves trying to improve. The work has paid off today.
Warmest congratulations Mustafa !



Ordine d’arrivo


1.- Mazlum Demir (TUR) in 42:36.02

2.- Ismail Benhammouda (ALG) in 42:42.49

3.- Hayrettin Yldiz (TUR) in 43:07.95

4.- Oussama Farhat (AUS) in 43:08.20

5.- Oscar Martinez Rodriguez (ESP) in 43:20.84

6.- Nicola Lomuscio (ITA) in 43:28.25

7.- Pablo Pastor (ESP) in 43:28.25

8.- Saul Wamputrsik (ITA) in 43:46.17

(Photos by Sergio Mateo per Fidal)


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