05/08/2022   Cali (COL): Karla Ximena Serrano (MEX) new U20 world champion in the 10,000m walk.




The morning of Cali proposes the two walking races at the Pascal Guerrero stadium.
The first race on the program is the 10,000m U20 track walk for women, the start of which is scheduled for 8:30 local time.
10.000m U20 women track walk


There are 41 young athletes who show up at the start.

It is difficult to identify an absolute favorite, also because there are 6 athletes with a season best of less than 47 minutes and as many 6 with a season best of less than 48 minutes.

In our opinion the most titled on the track should be Olivia Sandery (AUS) who, with her 45:24.10, is the U20 world season leader and who will have to contend with the two Japanese Ai Oyama (45:19 on 10km) and Ayane Yanai (45:21 on 10km), with Heta Veikkola (FIN) who on the road has a good 46:02 and with Valeriya Sholomitska (UKR).

As an outsider we see the Italian Giada Traina (46:51.44) and the Spanish Eva Rico (47:36.49) and Lucia Redondo (47:48.54).

Unfortunately the strongest of the Italians, Alexandrina Mihai (45:53.49), will not be at the start because she does not yet have Italian citizenship although she has been in Italy for more than 15 years.








The 41 athletes start about 4 minutes late and immediately the two athletes from Japan at the head of the group.
Up to 3.000m there are the usual skirmishes for the positions at the head of the group that is leaded by the two athletes of Japan, Ai Oyama and Ayana Yanai.
The passage is in 13:52.14 and there are seven atlhetes leading.
In addition to the two Japanese there are Olivia Sandery (AUS), Giada Traina (ITA), Valeriya Sholomitska (UKR), Karla Ximena Serrano (MEX), Lisbeth Carolina Lopez-Jayes (GUA).
Between 3.000m and 4.000m the Guatemalan and Ukraine were off and at 4,000m, which takes place in 18:28.10. remain in five. The last 1,000m are covered in 4:35.36.
For another 2.000m the positions did not change in the leading group.
These is the split:
- 4.800m in 22:11.51
At 5.200m Giada Traina (ITA) has two red cards and Olivia Sandery (AUS) has one.
Up to 5.800m nothing changes; the passage takes place in 31:36.06 just as the Italian begins to lose ground.
Karla Ximena Serrano forces her pace, followed by the two Japanese and Olivia Sandery.
At 8.000m (37:10.86) there are three left: Karla Ximena Serrano, Ai Oyama and Olivia Sandery. The other Japanese Ayana Yanai has lost a tenth of meters and must pay attention to the recovery of Giada Traina.
Three laps from the end, the Italian, whose walk immediately appeared unacceptable, is stopped in the penalty area for 1 minute and is out of the game for medals.
For gold, a head to head between Mexico and Japan is expected. At 300m to go Ai Oyama forces the pace, but Karla Ximena Serrano (now burdened by a red card) follows her like a shadow.
On the finish straight there seems to be light between Oyama and Serrano but three meters from the finish the Japanese made the mistake of slowing down and for the fourth time in this crazy season there is a decisive arrival in the last meters in favor of the Mexican. 
Then Olivia Sandery arrives, but she does not yet know that it will not be to her the bronze because the third red card has arrived at the jury table which means that 1 minute will be added to her arrival time.




Order of arrival
1.- Karla Ximena Serrano (MEX) in 46:24.35
2.- Ai Oyama (JPN) in 46:24.44
3.- Ayane Yanai (JPN) in 46:43.07
4.- Olivia Sandery (AUS) in 46:47.07
5.- Valeriya Sholomitska (UKR) in 47:40.67
6.- Lisbeth Carolina Lopez Jayes (GUA) in 47:45.63
7.- Alanna Peart (AUS) in 47:47.55
8.- Giada Traina (ITA) in 47:48.78