27/06/2022   Bursa (TUR): U23 Bursa (TUR): U23 Championships and TAF Cup




On Sunday 26 June in Bursa in Turkey, the Turkish U23 championships were held with the two walking races over the 10,000m distance on track.
The first men's race started at 8:00 local time, while the one reserved for women started at 9:00 local time.
10.000m track walk U23 men
Seventeen athletes at the start on an ideal day (24 ° Celsius) and not very humid (between 35% and 40%)
The race was played on the combination of Şahin Şenoduncu and Mazlum Demir who fought for the victory even if Şenoduncu was an out of category U23.
On the other hand, it was very interesting the result of Mazlum Demir (U20 - born on 19.12.2003) who in passing at 5.000m set the new record of Turkey reserved for the U20s over this distance in 20:11.0.
However at the end of the race the victory went to Şahin Şenoduncu in 40:38.51
Second place in Mazlum Demir in 40:42.09 (with a second part of the race in 20:31.09)
Third place to Abdulselam Imuk (also out of category as he was from 1999) in 41: 56.23

10.000m track walk U23 women
Only five athletes at the start.
Victory to Evan Demir in 47:43.21
Second place to Emine Ceylan in 49:19.71
Third place in Ganime Cataltas in 49:55.59