26/06/2022   Manchester (GBR): Tom Bosworth e Bethan Davies campioni UK Athletics 2022




Weekend of National Championships also in Great Britain where those organized by UK Athletics in Manchester were held.
The two running races took place yesterday 26 June 2022 and as per tradition for the UK champions on the distance of 5.000m track walk for both men and women.



5.000m track walk men


Victory for Tom Bosworth (GBR) with an excellent time of 19:51.21

These are the steps every 1,000m for the 32-year-old British athlete:

- 1.000m in 3:55.34

- 2.000m in 7:54.65 (3:59.31)

- 3.000m in 11:54.65 (4:00.00)

- 4.000m in 15:52.92 (3:57.27)

- last 1.000m in 3:58.29


Second place to Christopher Snook (GBR) in 21:20.14

Third place to Luc Legon (GBR) in 22:33.18



5.000m track walk women


Victory for Bethan Davies (GBR) in 22:30.59

Second place to Gracie Griffith (GBR) in 25:18.40

Third place to Abigail Jennings (GBR) in 25:26.23