26/06/2022   Leiria (POR): Ana Cabecinha and Joao Vieira still champions of Portugal




The city of Leiria, in its Municipal Stadium dedicated to Magalhães Pessoa, once again hosts for the fifth time one of the most important competitions on the national calendar, the Portuguese Championships.
This competition, which awards the titles of individual champions, has been organized since 1910 and this year, at the men's level, has reached its 107th edition. As for women, the competition, which debuted in 1937, is now in its 86th edition.
The two walking events took place at the end of the first day of racing
10,000m track walk women
Fourteen athletes at the start.
At 38 years of age, Ana Cabecinha still has the desire to get involved to win her 12th title of champion of Portugal with a time of 43:53.04
Second place to Vitoria Oliveira in 44:34.93 which gets the new personal best
Third place went to Carolina Costa in 46:22.81 also at the new personal best

10,000m track walk men
Twelve athletes at the start.
If Ana Cabecinha won the title at 38 years of age, we no longer know which adjective and word to use for Joao Vieira who is imposed at 46 years of age.
This is the 21st national title he also obtained with an interesting time (41:22.53). We do not know whether or not this is a record in the history of world walking, but certainly there have been few athletes in history who have won such a number of national championships.
Second place to Anderson Callejas (COL) who competed as an extra national championship guest and who finished the test in 41:33.43
Silver in the Portuguese Championship to Heider Santos in 42: 26.27
Bronze in the Portuguese Championship to Rui Coelho in 42: 58.48