24/06/2022   Rieti (ITA): Francesco Fortunato and Valentina Trapletti are the 2022 Italian Champions




Francesco Fortunato and Valentina Trapletti: here are the first Italian champions in Rieti on the opening day of the Absolutes.
Opening dedicated to the 10km walk, on the city streets, in the fascinating scenery of the medieval walls.
10km women
In the women's event, after returning from the Predazzo traing, Valentina Trapletti still leads a race, starting at the second kilometer and breaking all the opponents, so as to double the Italian 20km title won in Alberobello on 1 May.
Valentina Trapletti closes with the personal best on the road of 44:25, wears her ninth career title, and collects optimism in view of the Eugene World Championships:
She will say after the race that she did "A good test and that we had fun".
Outgoing champion Nicole Colombi proceeds throughout the race stably in second place and finishes in 46:40.
Bronze medal to Lidia Barcella in 47:14.
Fourth place in the U20 Alexandrina Mihai in 47:42 while the 5th place goes to the Italian champion of the 35 km Federica Curiazzi in 48:04 but stopped halfway in the penalty zone for one minute.




10km men
It is the third consecutive title on the distance for Francesco Fortunato, full of work after two weeks of meeting in Predazzo (Trento)
Fortunato ends in 39:59 the time trial of the athelte who walked very regularly at around 4 minutes per kilometer.
Fortunato was initially joined by Davide Finocchietti who will then finish third in 41:03.
Fortunato continues alone in the second half of the race. In progression, Gianluca Picchiottino goes back to second place ending in 40:21.
Fourth place for Michele Antonelli in 41:09 conditioned by a stop in the penalty zone. Nevertheless, this performance is his new personal best (previous of 42:19 obtained on 25.6.2021 in Rovereto).
What unfortunately worries us is the fact that after a start to the season that had culminated with the Muscat test in which technically the athlete had come out unscathed in the last between races (La Coruna 28.5; Rome 9/6, and Rieti 24/6) his technical situation no longer appears to be the one shown in Muscat.
(Photos by Francesca Gara per Fidal - ITA)




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