21/06/2022   Volos (GRE): The U18 National Championships of Greece





Last weekend in the city of Volos, in the mountains of Epirus, the National U18 Championships of Greece were held in the Panthesaliko stadium.
At the end of the first day of competitions (Saturday) the 5,000 track walk for students took place, while on Sunday morning the 10,000m track walk race was held on a track reserved for IU18 girls and boys.
The days were with a very pleasant temperature (25° Celsius) and with little wind and they greatly relieved the fatigue of the athletes.
Both the girls and the boys competed with the most important goal of the season in mind: the U18 European Championships which will take place in Jerusalem.
5.000m walk on track U18 girls
Fourteen athletes showed up at the start
The race was interesting and lived on the battle for the three medals by the three athletes who had already obtained the standard entry for Jerusalem: Sevastiani Aslanidou, Maria Mirto Tsimigatou and Anna Adami.
With a race in the lead from the start, and above all showing a very good walking technique, Sevastiani Aslanidou took the victory and the title of U18 Champion with a time of 24:32.10.
This is her third success in the last two months after those achieved at the Balkan Championships and the Greek National School Championships.
Second place to Maria Mirto Tsimigatou in 25:15.59
Third place to Anna Adami in 25:58.66
Both also obtained the standard entry for Jerusalem
10,000m track walk U18 boys
Five athletes showed up at the start
As expected it was a solitary race by Eloseos Mpardakis who was in the lead from the first kilometer finishing his fatigue in 51:34.08
Second place to Konstantinos Paidusis with a time of 55:47.36.
Paidusis took us back to the days of Anezka Drahotova (CZE) who competed both in the walk and in the steeplechase. The young Greek athlete did the same thing, competing on Saturday in the 3.000m steeplechase and on Sunday morning in the 10.000m track walk.
Third place to Christos Ragas with a time of 56:58.03
(Cooperation by Zoe Gkini - GRE)