12/06/2022   La Nucia (ESP): Diego Garcia Carrera wins in the Division de Honor




The finals of the Division de Honor valid for the title of Club Champions in Spain took place on Sunday 12.6.2022 in La Nucia (ESP).
Today's races were those reserved for men.
5.000m track walk men
The race that gave the victory to Diego Garcia Carrera in 19:51.88 is little more than a training session
At the start there were four leading the race with Ivan Pajuelo Paredes who was the leader at the first 1.000m: in 4:04:32.
Immediately after, he get off and Diego Garcia took the command of operations to never leave it
- 2.000m: in 7:55.94 (3:51.62)
- 3.000m: in 11:51.79 (3:55.85)
- 4.000m: in 15:49.01 (3:57.22)
- last 1.000m in 4:02.87
Second place to Ivan Lopez Perez in 19:59.24
Third place to Daniel Ballesteros Goni 20:36.48



The men's Primera Division match also took place in the same venue, which however saw a very important result.
Victory to Paul Mc Grath in 18:55.61
This great performance of the young Spanish athlete (born on 7.3.2002) brokes down the previous personal best of the athlete by over a minute (19:58.49 established in Tarragona, ESP last weekend, 5.6.2022), and among other things it also represents the record of the championships.
These are his split times each 1.000m:
- 1.000m in 3:42.86
- 2.000m in 7:24.94 (3:42.08)
- 3.000m in 11:15.17 (3:50.23)
- 4.000m in 15:06.77 (3:51.60)
- last 1.000m in 3:48.84
Second place to Jorge Lopez De La Cueva in 21:53.19
Third place to Martin Rodriguez Pazos in 22:47.56
Below is the updated 2022 seasonal list of the men's 5,000m track walk.


  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
18:24.50 Declan TINGAY AUSAUS Melbourne (AUS) 26 FEB 2022
18:39.10 Gabriel BORDIER FRAFRA Segre (FRA) 22 MAY 2022
18:40.62 Koki IKEDA JPNJPN Kitakyushu (JPN) 21 MAY 2022
18:55.61 Paul MCGRATH ESPESP La Nucia (ESP) 12 JUN 2022
19:12.20 Rhydian COWLEY AUSAUS Melbourne (AUS) 26 FEB 2022
19:21.08 Masatora KAWANO JPNJPN Kitakyushu (JPN) 21 MAY 2022
19:23.30 Nick CHRISTIE USAUSA Philadelphia, PA (USA) 28 APR 2022
19:26.97 Will THOMPSON AUSAUS Melbourne (AUS) 26 FEB 2022
19:29.20 Aurelien QUINION FRAFRA Versailles (FRA) 08 MAY 2022
10  19:29.98 Joni HAVA FINFIN Kuopio (FIN) 19 FEB 2022