12/06/2022   Florence (ITA): Davide Finocchietti and Simona Bertini win the U23 Italian Track Championships



Starting today at 8:30 am on Sunday 12 June, the two events of the 10,000m track walk valid for the Italian U23 Track Championships took place.
To be fair, there was only one race, with the males competing in lane 1 while the females competed in lane 5.
10.000m track walk U23 men
There are 15 athletes at the start. The big absentee is Aldo Andrei struggling with physical problems.
Immediately after the start Riccardo Orsoni takes the lead, gaining about ten meters on his followers led by Davide Finocchietti, Andrea Cosi and Gabriele Gamba, who will soon come off.
Up to 3.000m Orsoni is the undisputed leader of the race with these split times:
- 1.000m in 4:07.9
- 2.000m in 8:10.3 (4:02.4)
- 3.000m in 12:18.3 (4:08.0)
Shortly before 4.000m he is joined by Davide Finocchietti and Andrea Cosi, but he remains to lead the so formed trio.
The steps up to 6.000m are as follows:
- 4.000m in 16:28.6 (4:10.3)
- 5.000m in 20:41.2 (4:12.6)
- 6.000m in 24:53.2 (4:12.0) with Andrea Cosi leading the leading trio.
Soon afterwards the pace of Cosi increases. Finocchietti follows him while Orsoni loses a 20 meters which then become 50 and will increase until the finish.
The couple Finocchietti and Cosi pass together at 7.000m in 28:54.2 (4:01.0).
Davide Finocchietti immediately after the passage at 7.000m forces his pace and with a covered 1.000m in 3:59.4 takes about twenty meters of advantage on Andrea Cosi.
The race and the fight for medals is over.
In the last 3.000m these are the passages of Davide Finocchietti:
- 8.000m in 32:53.6 (3:59.4)
- 9.000m in 36:51.4 (3:57.8)
- last 1.000m in 4 03.26
Victory to Davide Finocchietti in 40:54.66
Second place to Andrea Cosi in 41:29.54
Third place to Riccardo Orsoni in 41:52.92


10.000m track walk U23 women
There are 13 athletes at the start.
The race is quite boring, with the two favorites, Simona Bertini and Vittoria Giordani in the lead from the first meter up to almost 7,000m.
Simona Bertini always takes care of the pace, while Vittoria Giordani follows her like a shadow.
These are their split times:
- 1.000m in 4:38.7
- 2.000m in 9:50.7 (5:12.0)
- 3.000m in 14:35.8 (4:45.1)
- 4.000m in 19:42.0 (5:06.2)
- 5.000m in 24:38.9 (4:56.9)
- 6.000m in 29:31.6 (4:52.7)
Just before 7.000m suddenly Vittoria Giordani has an incredible collapse and immediately loses about 20 seconds. An Calvary is presented to her for her and she will be voiced by Bertini shortly after 9.000m.
Simona Bertini continues with these splits:
- 7.000m in 34:25.1 (4:53.5)
- 8.000m in 39:27.4 (5:02.3)
- 9.000m in 44:44.4 (5:17.0)
- last 1.000m in 4:48.00
Victory to Simona Bertini in 49:32.40
Second place to Giulia Miconi in 50:29.15
Third place to Amastasia Giulioni in 50:50.11

Photos by Francesca Grana for Fidal




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