10/06/2022   Suwalki (POL): Artur Brzozowski and Katarzyna Zdzieblo win the Polish National Track Championships



The 98th edition of the National Championships of Poland is being held in Suwalki (POL).
The two walking races took place today June 10, at the following times:
- 9:00: 10,000m walk on the men's track
- 10:00: 5.000m walk on women's track
10.000m track walk men
Six athletes at the start.
Jakub Jelonek immediately leads the race, covering the first 1,000m in 4:18.5, a fairly slow pace that should lead to a final result of around 43:00 minutes. Together with him Rafal Szikora and Artur Brzozowski
At 2.000m, Rafal Szikora the leader is in 8:36.32 (4:17.9)
But the next 1,000 sees a slowdown and is covered in 4:23.5. The passage now sees Artur Brzozowski leader who will no longer be reached.
His split times are as follows:
- 4.000m in 17:18.4 (4:18.7)
- 5.000m in 21:36.4 (4:18.0), while Jakub Jelonek has to deal with two red cards for unblocking the knee that the judges have placed next to his race number on the disqualification board.
- 6.000m Brozozowski passes in 25:54.20 (4:17.8) and the pace seems to have stabilized
- 7,000m Brozozowski smells the scent of victory and picks up the pace a little. He passes in 30:07.1 (4:13.0)
- 8.000m in 34:27 (4:20.0)
- 9.000m unfortunately is not detected
Victory to Artur Brzozowski in 43:08.10
Second place to Jakub Jelonek in 43:44.89
Third place to Rafal Szikora in 46:13.69
5.000m track walk women
Only three athletes at the start.
Great solo by Katarzyna Zdzieblo with these passages:
- 1.000m in 4:16.48
- 2.000m in 8:36.6 (4:20.2)
- 3.000m in 12:56.11 (4:19.6)
- 4.000m in 17:14.5 (4:18.4)
- last 1.000m in 4:14.73

Victory to Katarzyna Zdzieblo in 21:29.23

Second place to Olga Niedzialek in 22:21.92

Third place to  Anna Zdzieblo in 25:16.02




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