09/06/2022   Rome (ITA): Francesco Fortunato wins the 3.000m track walk at the Golden Gala in 10:57.77




The show was predictable and it was so for the walkers who ventured into a very interesting audience setting.
The interest in the show was directed towards Massimo Stano and Diego Garcia.
Of Jonathan Hilbert (GER) it was known that he did not love pure speed races so much, and for this reason his performance was even more appreciated.

Departure at an incredible pace with the first lap in 1:30.49 and the second in 1:28.75.
The first 1,000m saw Diego Garcia Carrera (ESP) in the lead in 3:45.11.
All in all, the probable phase of flight is certainly not visible to the human eye at this spped, and this is the real discriminating factor between the rule and the public who may not appreciate this type of gesture. 
He continues to ring laps in 1:27.26 (the fourth) and 1:27.09 (the fifth).
In the meantime, Jonathan Hilbert (GER), Diego Giampaolo, Riccardo Orsoni, Andrea Agrusti and Michele Antonelli have separated.
Davide Finocchietti tries to lead the group, but the couple Francesco Fortunato and Gianluca Picchiottino give him no chance of leadership.
The passage to 2.000m sees Francesco Fortunato in the lead in 7:25.89
The last two laps are covered in 1:25.60 and 1:23.04. We are talking about a speed that fluctuates from 3:32 to 3:27 per km.
But now at some point the flight phase is unfortunately also visible to the human eye.
Victory for Francesco Fortunato (ITA) in 10:57.77 best seasonal world performance (previous by David Kenny, IRL in 11:26.11 obtained at South Sports Campus in Carlow, IRL on 9.3.2022).
Second place to Gianluca Picchiottino (ITA) in 10:59.91 obviously personal best. We hope that the athlete will accept, without hesitation, to read what we did not like about him and that is those five or six steps in the last bent at 150m from the finish when, at any cost, he tried to resist Fortunato who was fleeing towards victory. In world vision, perhaps it would have been better to continue as done until a few meters before: race walking needs to be accepted in the eyes of all.
Third place to Massimo Stano (ITA) in 11 06.15 personal best
Fourth place went to Diego Garcia Carrera (ESP) in 11:08.01 also personal best for him. We really liked Diego Garcia who interpreted the event in his true spirit, always walking alongside Massimo Stano because this was his day in his stadium.