08/06/2022   After 32 years race walking returns to the Golden Gala in Rome




It was since the first editions of the Golden Gala that this important international meeting did not host a walking race.
The last time was in 1990 when the Golden Gala had emigrated to Bologna from its historic location in Rome and 32 years have passed since then.
The successes of Italy in Sapporo last summer and the increase in interest in race walking in the Bel Paese led the organizers to organize an event as part of the Italian stage of the Wanda Diamond League reserved for men over the typical distance of a Meeting: the 3.000m on track.
The event is temporally positioned at 7.30 pm, after the men's shot put and before the women's pole vault, both competitions valid for the Diamond League.
At the start there will be eight Italian athletes, led by the 20km Olympic Champion Massimo Stano. The organizers also extended the invitation to the silver medalist of the Sapporo 50km Jonathan Hilbert (GER) and Diego Garcia Carrera (ESP) who finished the 20km Olympic in sixth position.
And it will be Diego Garcia Carrera who will be Massimo Stano's main opponent together with the other athlete of the Italian national team, Francesco Fortunato.
Exceptional co-starter will be Antonella Palmisano.
The race takes place on a distance to be completed around 11 minutes of race.
The best world performance belongs to Tom Bosworth (GBR) who obtained it at the Olympic stadium in London on 21.7.2018 with the result of 10:43.84 (but Bosworth also has an indoor 10:30.28 established in Glasgow again in the 2018 season on February 25.
In Italy the best all-time performance belongs to Giovanni De Benedictis in 10:47.11 (San Giovanni Valdarno, ITA on 19.5.1990)
To conclude the best seasonal world performance (11:26.11) belongs to David Kenny (IRL) who obtained it in Carlow (IRL) ON 9.4.2022
In the following table we present the entry list and their best distance performances

Athlete Personal best
Andrea AGRUSTI, ITA  23:08.90 sui 5.000m. pista
Michele ANTONELLI, ITA ‚Äč 19:41.13 sui 5.000m. pista
Davide FINOCCHIETTI, ITA 13:34.83
Francesco FORTUNATO, ITA 18:53.91 sui 5.000m. pista
Diego GARCIA CARRERA, ESP 19:03.16 sui 5.000m. pista
Diego GIAMPAOLO, ITA 13:13.78
Jonathan HILBERT, GER 11:32.17
Riccardo ORSONI, ITA 11:54.4h
Gianluca PICCHITTINO, ITA 18:57.14 sui 5.000m. pista
Massimo STANO, ITA 19:52.74 sui 5.000m. pista