31/05/2022   Gien (FRA): The 35km and 20km French Championships




The French National Walking Championships took place on Sunday 29 May in Gien (FRA).
The scheduled races were:
- 35km men and women starting at 8:00
- 20km men starting at 8:15 am
- 20km women starting at 10:15
The competitions took place on a "loop" circuit around the Gymnase Cuiry on a day with an excellent temperature, a little cool in the morning but with the temperature that increased until the end when it was also a little hot and there it was also a little windy.
35km men
Seventeen athletes at the start of which only twelve competed for the national title of France.
The other five were:
- 3 Brazilians (Rudney Dias Noguerira, Max Batista Goncalves dos Santos and Diego Pereira Lima)
- 1 Slovak, Dominik Cerny
- 1 Croatian, Bruno Erent
The superiority of Dominik Cerny (SVK) was evident right from the start and he  was the leader throughout the race.
His victory was undisputed and the chronometric mark was 2:37:19 which represents his personal best and which improves the previous of 2:47:23 set in Dudince (SVK) on April 23rd. For Cerny this is the third 35km of the season: Muscat (2:47:38), Dudince (2:47:23) and Gien (2:37:19)
Second place to Rudney Dias Noguerira (BRA) in 2:45:22
Third place went to Max Batista Goncalves dos Santos in 2:46:54
The championships of France had the following result:
Victory to Hugo Andrieu in 2:47:29 who finished 4th overall
Second place to Florian Mayer in 2:48:27 who finished 5th overall
Third place to Come Martin in 2:56:18 who finished 7th overall
35km women
Ten athletes at the start of which only five competed for the national title of France.
The other five were:
- 2 Brazilians (Mayara Luize Vicentainer, and Elianay Santana da Silva)
- 2 Slovaks (Hana Burzalova and Claudia Zarska)
- 1 Hungarian, Anett Torma
Easy and undisputed victory of Mayara Luize Vicentainer in the lead from the first meter with a time of 3:05:51. Also for her new personal best that improves the time obtained last February 6 in Lima (PER) of 3:08:15. For Vicentainer this is the fourth 35km of the season: Bragança Paulista (3:14:15), Lima (3:08:16), Muscat (3:19:18) and Gien (3:95:51)
Second place to Lucie Auffret (FRA) in 3:14:52 who wins the French title
Third place to Anett Torma (HUN) in 3:24:39
Silver for the French Championships to Lucie Champalou in 3:25:52
Bronze for the French Championships to Sonia Demon in 3:29:36
20km men
Thirty-seven athletes at the start.
Undisputed victory to Gabriel Bordier (FRA) in 1:24:02
Second place to Matteo Due (FRA) in 1:27:16
Third place to Martin Madeline-Degy (FRA)  in 1:28:27

20km women
Twenty-five athletes at the start
During the first 6km Camille Moutard (FRA) and Clemence Beretta (FRA) walked shoulder to shoulder.
Camille Moutard increased the pace immediately after the 6km and progressively detached the opponent.
Victory to Camille Moutard (FRA) in 1:33:17
Second place to Clemence Beretta (FRA) in 1:35:04
Third place to Marion Manaresi (FRA) in 1:41:53