22/05/2022   Cheboksary (RUS): The second day of the road walking championships of Russia




As usually happens, the second day of the Russian Summer Walking Championships is dedicated to track tests reserved for the U20 and U18 categories.


5.000m U18 girls 


Fifteen athletes at the start. 


Victory to Podyachikh Anastasiya (Chelyabinskaya region) 22:08

Second place to Efremova Alena (the Republic of Mordovia) 23:06

Third place to Rizaeva Angelina (the Republic of Mordovia) 23:19



10.000m U18 boys


Seventeen athletes at the start.


Victory to Denisov Andrey (the Republic of Mordovia) - 42:18

Second place to Denisov Maxim (the Republic of Mordovia) 43:25

Third place to Chudaykin Kirill (the Republic of Mordovia) - 44:10 (penalty area). 







10.000m U20 women


Eleven athletes at the start.


Victory to Kolchina Anastasiya (the Republic of Mordovia) 43:36

Second place to Trukhova Anastasiya (the Republic of Mordovia) 46:23

Third place to Sboretz Elena (Chelyabinskay region) 47:29







10.000m U20 men


Fourteen athletes at the start. 


Victory to Pyanzin Maxim (the Republic of Mordovia) 39:17

Second place to Vershinin Artemiy (the Republic of Mordovia Kemerovskaya Region) 39:35

Third place to Boyko Maxim (the Republic of Mordovia) 39:47





Both days official results