21/05/2022   Cheboksary (RUS): The road walking championships of Russia



The Russian National Walking Championships are being held in Cheboksary (RUS). We recall that in Russia generally two rounds of national championships take place: the winter ones (usually in Sochi) and the summer ones (traditionally in Cheboksary).
The course is the traditional one on the bank of the Volga River, which also hosted the European Cup competitions.
Unfortunately, the weather was bad, cold and windy.
We apologize to our readers if the news is not complete, but given the current political situation we did not want to insist with our personal friend who has been collaborating with us for the results for years, also asking him for further information, but we limited ourselves to publishing the results. accompanied by some photos.



35km women


Twelve athletes ate the start


Victory to Nikiforova Margarita (the Republic of Mordovia / Kemerovo) 2:38:49

Second place to Golubechkova Darya (the Republic of Mordovia) 2:49:49

Third place to Turova Julia (the Republic of Mordovia/ Udmurtskaya Republic) 2:53:23



35km men


Twelve athletes ate the start


Victory to Kozhevnikov Sergey (the Republic of Mordovia) 2:27:29

Second place to Garin Alexander (the Republic of Mordovia/Udmurtskaya Republic) 2:27:48

Third place to Frolov Kirill (Moscow) 2:28:31






20km women


Eight athletes at the start


Victory to Kagramanova Reykhan (the Republic of Mordovia/Kemerovo) 1:27:35

Second place to Afanasyeva Klavdiya(the Republic of Mordovia) 1:29:25 (penalty area)

Third place to Chepareva Elvira (the Republic of Mordovia) 1:29.30 (penalty area)






20km U23 women


Ten athletes at the start


Victory to Sergeeva Elena (Chuyskaya Republic) - 1:41:37

Second place to Khalilova Julia (Chelyabinskay district) 1:41:43 (penalty area).

Third place to Koltasheva Natalya (Chelyabinskay district) - 1:45:45



20km men


Twelve athletes ate the start


Victory to Mizinov Vasiliy (Chelyabinskay district) 1:18:41

Second place to Kurbatov Anton (the Republic of Mordovia) 1:18:46

Third place to Martynov Danila (the Republic of Mordovia) 1:18:50



20km U23 men


Fifteen athletes ate the start


Victory to Selin Artem (Chelyabinskay district ) - 1:21:03

Second place to Ishmametyev Alexey (Chelyabinskay district) 1:22:45

Third place to Grudkin Kirill (Chelyabinskay district) - 1:23:33



The split times of all athletes at 10km (for the 20km) and at 10km plus 20km (for the 35km) in the Results file downloadable from the link below





Both days official results