13/05/2022   San Jeronimo, Baja Verapaz (GUA): the international race walking festival




Organized by the National Athletics Federation of Guatemala, the International Walking Festival took place on Sunday 8 May 2022.
The races took place on the San Geronimo track in Baja Verapaz (GUA) over the usual distances.
35.000m track walk women
Victory for Mirna Sucely Ortiz Flores (GUA) in 2:57:07.00
Second place to Yasury Bertzaida Palacios San José (GUA) in 2:56:30.00
20.000m track walk women
Victory to Maidy Emileni Monge Perez (GUA) in 1:34:12.00
Second place to Maria Fernanda Peinado Perez (GUA) in 1:37:48.00
10.000m track walk U20 women
Victory to Yaquelin Mishell Teletor Jeronimo (GUA) in 48:13.00
Second place to Lisbeth Carolina Lopez James (GUA) in 48:42.00
Third place went to Maria José Gonzalez Perez (GUA) in 56:47.00
35.000m track walk men
Victory to Erwin Ernesto Morales Paau (GUA) in 2:46:39.00
Second place to Sergio Daniel Sacul Caal (GUA) in 2:49:10.00
Third place went to Luis Angel Sanchez Perez (GUA) in 2:59:02.00
20.000m track walk men
In this race the two most interesting results of the day were obtained, with a shoulder to shoulder fight decided in the last meters.
Victory to Erick Bernabe Barrondo Garcia (GUA) in 1:23:14.00
Second place to José Eduardo Ortiz Flores (GUA) in 1:23.16
Third place went to Oscar Nacdaniel Pop Choc (GUA) in 1:24.08
10.000m track walk men
Victory to José Osvando Calel Sis (GUA) in 40:30.00
Second place to Luis Fernando Gomez (GUA) in 53:50.00
10.000m track walk U20 men
Twelve athletes at the start with many interesting results.
Victory to Bryan Alexander Matias Ortiz (GUA) in 40:46.00
Second place to Uziel Enrique Col Caal (GUA) in 42:31.00
Third place to Miguel Angel Palacios San José (GUA) in 43:31.00