09/05/2022   Patras (GRE) the 5th Patras Race Walking Festival




On Sunday 8 May 2022 the 5th Patras Race Walking Festival took place in Patras (GRE).
The race took place over a 1km course for a total of 20 laps with a joint start for both men and women.

10km men
Ten men show up on the starting line
Fast start of Alexandros Papamichail at a pace of 4:28, who from the first km off the main opponent Konstantinos Ntentopoulos by 19 seconds (4:47)
His pace will oscillate between 4:24 and 4:29 then throughout the race, except for the last lap covered in 4:10.
At 5km Papamichail passes in 22:23 while Ntentopoulos passes in 23:32
Halfway through the race: Papamichail passes in 44:32 (5km seconds in 22:09) while Ntentopoulos passes in 46:40 (5km seconds in 23:08)
At 15km: Papamichail passes in 1:06:54 (third 5km in 22:22) while Ntentopoulos passes in 1:09:57 (5km seconds in 23:17)
Victory to Alexandros Papamichail (GRE) in 1:28:50
Second place to Konstantinos Ntentopoulos in 1:34:00
Third place to Andreas Bachos (GRE) in 1:37:28
Only 6 athletes complete the race, while the other 4 are disqualified


10km women
Seven women appear on the starting line
Antigoni Ntrismpioti (4:35) finished in the lead followed by Kiriaki Filtisakou (4:47) and Christina Papadopoulou (4:47)
At 5km the passage is 22:52 for Antigoni Ntrismpioti and 23:32 for Kiriaki Filtisakou. Christina Papadopoulou follows in 23:55.
Halfway through the race: the situation in the lead has not changed. Ntrismpioti leading in 45:56, followed by Filtisakou in 46:44
At 13km passed in 1:00:08 Antigoni Ntrismpioti decides to stop.
At 15km the situation is the following: Kiriaki Filtisakou in 1:10:37 followed by Christina Papadopoulou in 1:14:09 and further behind Eustathia Kourkoutsaki in 1:18:43
Victory to Kiriaki Filtisakou (GRE) in 1:35:40
Second place to Christina Papadopoulou in 1:39:27
Third place went to Andreas Eleutherios Bachos (GRE) in 1:45:16