07/05/2022   Rio Maior (POR): Victories of Kimberly Garcia (PER) and Brian Pintado (ECU).



We finally return to compete after the pandemic also in Rio Maior.
We left on 6 April 2019 with the victories of Eider Arevalo (COL) in 1:21:16 and Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) in 1:29:01 which, however, had been heavy victories.
Both athletes had achieved victory for the third time in the Rio Maior Grand Prix that season.
Eider Arevalo had prevailed in 2015, 2017 and 2019, Qieyang Shenjie had almost achieved a consecutive streak (2016, 2018, 2019) interrupted only by the 2017 victory which went to Kimberly Garcia (PER), who is also one of the favorites for today's win.
This year the parterre of the participants is quite interesting, and it could have been even more so if the Chinese team on stage in Italy in Saluzzo had not had to forfeit.
This year, however, Rio Maior also has the recognition of being one of the six competitions of the World Athletics Race Walking Tour to boast the Gold Level.
The international jury for this test is made up of:
José Júlio Dias (POR) - Chief Judge

Gaye Bekler (TUR) 

Mara Baleani (ITA) 

Luis Maroto (ESP) 

Steve Taylor (GBR) 

Frédéric Bianchi (SUI) 

Vasco Guedes (POR)




20km women

The start (17:30) is given together with the athletes of the U20 event who, however, will only complete 10 laps of the traditional Rio Maior course.
first 5km
Ana Cabecinha (POR) immediately goes on the lead, covering the first km in 4:31, followed by Kimberly Garcia (PER) in 4:38 and Clémence Beretta (FRA) in 4:40.
The passage to 1/4 of the race takes place in the following order:
Ana Cabecina (22:49), Kimberly Garcia (22:51), Eloise Terrec (FRA) in 23:10, Clémence Beretta (FRA) in 22:36 and Ines Henriques (POR) in 22:37
- second 5km
Kimberly Garcia reaches Ana Cabecinha during the sixth km and the two pass at 6km (27:28) and also at 7km (32:08).
Meanwhile the two leaders travel together shoulder to shoulder
Halfway through the race the passage is as follows: Garcia and Cabecinha in 46:00, followed by Terrec (46:26) and Henriques (47:00)

- third 5km
In the women's race the situation seems to have stabilized and does not change in the lead.
At 14km Ines Henriques caught up with and passed Eloise Terrec.
Between 14 and 15 km Kimberly Garcia forced her pace with the decisive attack.
The passage to 3/4 of the race is as follows: Garcia (1:09:25), Cabecinha (1:09:34), Hertiques (1:10:27) and Terrec (1:10:49.
- last 5km
They don't add much to the race.
Kimberly Garcia continues with her step and with the following steps:
- 17km: 1:18:36
- 18km: 1:23:15
- 19km: 1:28:03
Victory then to Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) in 1:32:42
Second place to Ana Cabecinha (POR) in 1:33:20
Third place went to a radiant Ines Henriques (POR) in 1:34:18 who after the arrival was photographed with Caio Bonfim and simulated a samba.
Fourth place to Carolina Costa (POR) in 1:36:03

20km men
- the first 5km
A group of about a dozen athletes is formed immediately at the head of the race, including all the favorites.
The passage to 5km takes place as follows:
Kevin Campion (FRA) in 20:56; Marc Tur (ESP), Brian Pintado (ECU), Caio Bonfim (BRA), Manuel Soto (COL) in 20:57. But the group is still large.
- second 5km
Four are leading the race with a pass in 41:25 (Caio Binfim, BRA; Brian Pintado, ECU, Manuel Soto, COL; David Hurtado, ECU)
A little further behind Marc Tur, ESP (41:31); Cesar Augusto Rodriguez, PER (41:32).

- third 5km
Brian Pintado just before 15km detached Caio Bonfim.
The passage to the 3/4 of the race is as follows:
- Pintado in 1:01:29
- Bonfim in 1:01:36
- Soto in 1:01:58
- Rodriguez in 1:02:26
Followed with higher gaps: Alvaro Nunez; David Hurtado; Marc Tur and Kevin Campion.
- last 5km
Even in the men's 20km the last 5km don't add much to the race.
The two athletes fighting for the victory must pay attention to the technical situation because both are burdened by two red cards for loss of contact.
Victory to Brian Pintado (ECU) in 1:21:54
Second place to Caio Bonfim (BRA) in 1:22:26
Third place to Manuel Soto (COL) in 1:22:52
Fourth place went to Cesar Augusto Rodriguez (PER) in 1:23:17