07/05/2022   Banska Bystrica (SVK): the 6th edition of the Marching Meeting of Banska Bystrica (SVK)




The traditional Race Walking Meeting of Banska Bystrica in Slovakia, now in its sixth edition, took place today in the morning.
The participation was not very interesting at the senior level given the concomitance with the race walking Tour of Rio Maior
10km men
Only three athletes at the start.
Miroslav Úradník from Dukla, Banská Bystrica, won the main category with a new personal best of 40:50 minutes which improves his 2020 time by 26 seconds
The 26-year-old Slovakian attached by Ľuboš Machník and Martin Pupiš recorded a winning hat-trick, having previously triumphed in 2018 and 2019.
However, it should be remembered that on the same distance on the track Úradník boasts a better result of 6:27/100 seconds (40:43.73).
The time taken by Úradník in the park under the SNP Memorial was uniform with the two 5km goals both covered at 20:25.
These are his statements after the match: “With the coaches we decided that I would try to go at a pace of 4:05 per kilometer. It was not easy to get it, because I went on alone, but everyone encouraged me, for that I thank them. The fans made me understand that I managed to cover the last kilometer even in less than four minutes "
Second place to Dominik Černý (SVK) in 44:28
Third place to Ľuboš Machnik (SVK) in 49:27

10km women
Also in the women's race only three athletes at the start
Victory for Hana Burzalová (SVK) in 49:16 (24:05 at 5km)
Second place to Karin Devaldová (SVK) in 51:09 (25:16 at 5km)
Third place in Stanislava Hakulinová (SVK) in 53:33.
Terézia Kurucová (ŠK ŠOG Nitra) achieved an interesting result in the U18 category, who won 5 km in 23:51 min and improved her personal best by two seconds compared to last year's race in Hlohovec. Petr Mečiar's young athlete confirmed her good form, for the second time in the year she broke the 24-minute boundary and in the U18 world rankings she is still third behind the two Japanese on the 5-kilometer track.