05/05/2022   Frankfurt (GER): Christopher Linke wins the 35km in 2:29:58




On Saturday 30 April the national German championships were held in Frankfurt (GER) with a series of side competitions.
35km men
Only seven men and women I know are present at the departure (5 men and women).
Despite the small number of participants, the race had a good level in terms of results.
The victory went to Christopher Linke (GER) with a mark of 2:29:58.
This performance represents for the 33-year-old German athlete the best performance ever in Germany by lowering the time that had been set back in 1995 in Fougères in France by his current coach Ronald Weigel (2:30:52).
However, it should be noted that with this result Linke is currently the 10th athlete to have finished a 35km under the time of 2:30:00 in the season.

  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
2:26:40 Masatora KAWANO JPNJPN Wajima (JPN) 17 APR 2022
2:27:09 Daisuke MATSUNAGA JPNJPN Wajima (JPN) 17 APR 2022
2:27:16 Sergey KOZHEVNIKOV RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 31 JAN 2022
2:27:18 Tomohiro NODA JPNJPN Wajima (JPN) 17 APR 2022
2:27:53 Miguel Ángel LÓPEZ ESPESP Lepe (ESP) 30 JAN 2022
2:29:09 Massimo STANO ITAITA Dudince (SVK) 23 APR 2022
2:29:19 Satoshi MARUO JPNJPN Wajima (JPN) 17 APR 2022
2:29:24 José Luis DOCTOR MEXMEX Dudince (SVK) 23 APR 2022
2:29:35 Xianghong HE CHNCHN Dudince (SVK) 23 APR 2022
10  2:29:58 Christopher LINKE GERGER Frankfurt (GER) 30 APR 2022
Second place to Carl Dohmann (GER) in 2:30:59
Third place went to Karl Junghannß in 2:31:37
The vice Olympic champion of the 50km, Jonathan Hilbert, on the other hand, finished only fourth in 2:34:36, once again proving that the 35km will be a race that compared to those who previously specialized in the 20km and those who instead he specialized in the 50km will certainly favor the former.
35km women
The title of German Champion was held by Emilia Lehmeyer (GER) in 3:04:24, an athlete who is recovering after a long period of absence due to injury.
Second place to Katrin Schusters (GER) in 3:15:00.
The results of the other events
20km men
Victory to Nils Brembach (GER) in 1:23:39
Second place to Hagen Pohle (GER) in 1:24:17
Third place went to Pascal Artus (GER) in 1:45:02
20km women
Victory to Saskia Feige (GER) in 1:35:28
Second place to Linda Betto (GER) in 2:15:12
Third place to Antje Kohler (GER) in 2:20:50
10km men (U20 and U18)
Victory to Frederick Weigel (GER) in 44:50
Second place to Arvid Kockel (GER) in 45:03
Third place went to Nick Joel Richardt (GER) in 45:34
10km women (U20)
Victory to Julia Schmidt (GER) in 53:10
Second place to Mathilde Frenzl (GER) in 53:43
Third place to Lucy Steffen (GER) in 56:39
5km women (U18)
Victory to Lara Jolie Feigl (GER) in 25:32
Second place to Kylie Garries (GER) in 25:36
Third place to Anna-Maria Gabriel (GER) in 27:12