23/04/2022   Dudince: the two 35km are won by Massimo Stano (ITA) in 2:29:09 and Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) in 2:43:06




Sweet memories

The writer is linked to Dudince by a subtle thread: that of enthusiasm and the hope of continuing to be part of the group of international race walking judges.
In fact, it was 1998, and in Dudince took place in the first of the two European stages of the first exams of the history of IRWJ wanted by the then president of the IAAF Primo Nebiolo.
They were unforgettable days during which the friendship that still binds some of us began to reinforce itself.
Dudince was not only the seat of the exams, Dudince was also the time for low-cost beer that was drunk in the evenings in what we had baptized with the name of "Taverna Popular" which was none other than the current Legend Pub right place on the curve of that beautiful boomerang-shaped course that about 100m further to the right would lead to the finish line in front of a small town hall.
A legendary name of the Slovak race walk, Pavol Szikora, passed first on this finish line for the first time in 1982, after the vicory in first 50km in 4:02:42.
Then came the years of Pavol Blazek, from Trnava, linked to the memories of the first European Championship of the writer's career, that of Split 1990; the years of Peter Korkok, now president of the Slovak Athletics Federation which he won in the years 2022 and 2004.
And then to conclude this short historical journey on Slovak glories in Dudince came the years of Matej Toth who here won the 50km three times but also six times the 20km.
Today the first edition of the new history of the 50km orphan world walk takes place in its 51st edition: the 35km.
But the name our readers will ask: Dudinská päťdesiatka (Dudinská 50) will remain so or perhaps it would be better to start with Dudinská tridsaťpäťka (Dudinská 35).
It is Julius Korkok, the Race Director who tells us that:
"We considered the name Dudinská thirty-five, but we didn't agree on the change in the organizing committee. After all, the name Dudinská fifty is a strong concept in the pedestrian world and, I think it's not necessary to change it yet."
Very interesting names participate among which that of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Champion, Massimo Stano (ITA) and in the women that of the "new" London 2012 Olympic Champion Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) who had the satisfaction of knowing it 11 years after having competed.
The day is cloudy and moments of rain are not excluded, the probability of which is given at 12%. Cold temperature around 10°C and humidity of 90%.
The events


35km men


On your marks, gun: and a Fiamme Oro Padova t-shirt, that of the Sapporo Olympic Champion, shoots forward. Stefano Chiesa (ITA) and Miroslav Uradnik (CZE) are chasing him. The first km pass is 4:29, with the chasers at 4:31 and the others a few seconds later.
During the second lap Stano is joined by Ivan Pajuelo (ESP) and the couple proceed together until over the course of the 4km they are joined by He Xianghong (CHN).
- at 5km
There are nine in a handkerchief: Ivan Pajuelo (ESP), Massimo Stano (ITA), He Xianghong (CHN) who all passed in 21:55. Behind them (21:56) Andres Chocho (ECU), José Luis Doctor Morales (MEX), Aurelien Quinon (FRA) Julio Cesar Salazar Enriquez (MEX), Karl Junghannss (GER), Wang Kaihua (CHN).

at 10km
Seven leaders of the race remained: Ivan Pajuelo (ESP), Massimo Stano (ITA), He Xianghong, José Luis Doctor Morales (MEX), Aurelien Quinon (FRA), Wang Kaihua (CHN) and Jefferson Daniel Segura Zepeda (MEX) ). They went to 10km in 43:31 with the second 5tkm passed in 21:36 a little faster pace.
The technical situation at 10km sees all the athletes leading the race without any red card.
- at 15km
The usual seven athletes are always leading the race.
The passage to 15km takes place in 1:05:03 and sees as leader He Xianghong (CHN).
However, the pace decreased: the third 5km were passed in 22:32
- at 20km
There are six athletes left to lead the race.
The passage to 20km takes place in 1:26:25 and sees José Luis Doctor Morales (MEX) as leader. In the last 5km the pace accelerated (21:22, compared to the previous 22:32)
Ivan Pajuelo detached himself passing at 17 seconds in 1:26:42


- at 25km
The situation changed at the head of the race as the leaders are now José Luis Doctor Morales (MEX) and He Xianghong (CHN) who passed in 1:47:30.
For the two of them the 5km were then covered in 21:05 and this acceleration meant that the others were detached.
Third is Massimo Stano in 1:47:41, followed by Julio Cesar Salazar Enriquez (MEX), Aurelien Quinon (FRA) and Wang Kaihua (CHN) both in 1:47:44.
Eric Bernabé Barrondo (GUA) goes back to seventh in 1:48:02

- at 30km
The situation changed at the head of the race during the 27th kilometer when José Luis Doctor Morales (MEX) cleared He Xianghong (CHN).
José Luis Doctor Morales (MEX) passes 30km in 2:08:12 (sixth 5km in 20:42), an acceleration that hurt the others.
He Xianghong (CHN) in 2:08:33 and Massimo Stano (ITA) in 2:08:51 follow him, preceding Aurelien Quinon (FRA) in 2:08:55.
The others are more detached.
- last 5km
Massimo Stano is looking for the big shot, at 33km he reaches He Xianghong and is only 9 seconds behind the leader José Luis Doctor Morales (MEX).
He catches up with him at the 34km pass in 2:25:06 and thereafter it looks like Sapporo's revival with incitement to the public for support.
He runs the last 5km in 20:18
Victory to Massimo Stano (ITA) in 2:29:09 personal best (previous of 2:35:03 established in Gioiosa Marea, ITA on 27.1.2019)
Second place to José Luis Doctor Morales (MEX) in 2:29:24, a new national record for Mexico
Third place in He Xianghong (CHN) in 2:29:35 personal best
Fourth place went to Aurelien Quinon in 2:30:01
Fifth place to Jose Leonardo Montana Arevalo (COL) in 2:30:46 new recors of  South America (previous of 2:32:40 established in Machala on 8.1.2022 by Brian Pintado, ECU)
Sixth place to Julio Cesar Salazar Enriquez (MEX) in 2:30:50 personal best
Seventh place to Ever Yair Palma Olivares (MEX) in 2:31:10 personal best
Eighth place in Zhaxi Jangben (CHN) in 2:31:22


The updated 2022 world seasonal list of the 35km men:



  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
2:26:40 Masatora KAWANO JPNJPN Wajima (JPN) 17 APR 2022
2:27:09 Daisuke MATSUNAGA JPNJPN Wajima (JPN) 17 APR 2022
2:27:16 Sergey KOZHEVNIKOV RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 31 JAN 2022
2:27:18 Tomohiro NODA JPNJPN Wajima (JPN) 17 APR 2022
2:27:53 Miguel Ángel LÓPEZ ESPESP Lepe (ESP) 30 JAN 2022
2:29:09 Massimo STANO ITAITA Dudince (SVK) 23 APR 2022
2:29:19 Satoshi MARUO JPNJPN Wajima (JPN) 17 APR 2022
2:29:24 José Luis DOCTOR MEXMEX Dudince (SVK) 23 APR 2022
2:29:35 Xianghong HE CHNCHN Dudince (SVK) 23 APR 2022
10  2:29:59 Álvaro MARTÍN ESPESP Lepe (ESP) 30 JAN 2022



35km women
Immediately in the lead Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) in 4:49 followed by Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER), Li Maocuo (CHN) and Nicole Colombi (ITA). Magaly Bonilla (ECU) and Ji Haiying (CHN) followed at 7 seconds.
In the women Nicole Colombi breaks away from the first three who travel together in the lead, but during the 4th km Li Maocuo also breaks away and in the lead they remain in two.
- at 5km
Two are leading the race: Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) and Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) in 23:34. Behind them LI Mocuo (CHN) in 23:41 preceding Magaly Bonilla (ECU) in 23:59, Nicole Colombi (ITA) in 24:12. More detached Nadia Lizeth Gonzalez Manjarraz (MEX), Viviane Santa Lyra (BRA) and Sandra Viviana Galvis Moreno (COL) in 24:26
- at 10km
It is always the Chinese-Peruvian couple at the head of the race.
Their passage at 10km is 46:52 with the second 5km in 23:18, also for them a pace slightly higher than that of the first 5km.
Li Maocuo is 20 seconds behind (47:12), Nicole Colombi by 2:35 (48:27).
More detached Nadia Lizeth Gonzalez Manjarraz (MEX) and Sandra Viviana Galvis Moreno (COL) in 48:59

- at 15km
It is always the Chinese-Peruvian couple at the head of the race.
Their passage at 15km is 1:09:57 with the third 5km in 23:05 with a notable increase in speed compared to the first 10km.
Li Maocuo follows in 1:10:42 and precedes Magaly Bonilla (1:11:49) and Robyn Stevens (USA) in 1:12:33 which overtook Nicole Colombi (1:12:55).
Magaly Bonilla is charged by a red card.
- at 20km
Towards 17km Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) has lengthened the pace and has detached the race companion. She passes 20km in 1:32:51 (fourth 5km in 22:54).
Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) passes in 1:32:56.
The other more detached: Li Maocuo in 1:34:12, Robyn Steven in 1:35:49, Magaly Bonilla in 1: 35.55.
Even more delayed is Nadia Lizeth Gonzalez Manjarraz in 1:37:27
- at 25km
Leader is Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) in 1:55:38 (fifth 5km in 22:47)
They follow her: Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) in 1:55:56, Li Maocuo (CHN) in 1:57:48.
In fourth position is Robyn Stevens in 1:59:23
The others follow with greater delays.
- at 30km
Leader is Qieyang Shenjie (CHN) in 2:18:27
Behind her: Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) in 2:20:35, Li Maocuo (CHN) in 2:21:47
In fourth position is Robyn Stevens in 2:24:20
The last 5km say nothing more except the fact that the Chinese covers them in 24:39 due to a pain in the knee joint and that Viviane Santa Lyra (BRA) reaches and passes Robyn Stevens (USA).

The beautiful and likeable American walker who will celebrate her 39th birthday tomorrow, however, is the real surprise today. Last season in Santee, CA she had stopped the clock in 3:01:11; today she pull down her previous personal best of nearly 12 minutes (11:51 to be exact). It seems that after Antonella Palmisano's in Sapporo, the extraordinary performance became the usual way to celebrate the birthday of athletes in the world of walking.
Happy birthday in advance Robyn.


Victory to Qieyang Shenijie (CHN) in 2:43:06 personal best
Second place to Kimberly Garcia Leon (PER) in 2:43:19, new South American record (previous of 2:48:27 set in Lima on 6.2.2022 by Manaly Bonilla, ECU)
Third place to Li Maocuo (CHN) in 2:45:46 personal best
Fourth place to Viviane Santa Lyra (BRA) in 2:49:12 personal best
Fifth place to Robyn Stevens (USA) in 2:49:29 personal best
Sixth place to Madarasz Viktoria (HUN) in 2:50:29 personal best
Seventh place went to Sandra Viviana Galvis Moreno (COL) in 2:51:53 personal best
Eighth place to Alejandra Ortega Solis (MEX) in 2:53:01 personal best

The updated 2022 world seasonal list of the 35km women:



  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
2:39:16 María PÉREZ ESPESP Lepe (ESP) 30 JAN 2022
2:41:28 Margarita NIKIFOROVA RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 31 JAN 2022
2:43:06 Shenijie QIEYANG CHNCHN Dudince (SVK) 23 APR 2022
2:43:19 Kimberly GARCÍA LEÓN PERPER Dudince (SVK) 23 APR 2022
2:43:25 Quanming WU CHNCHN Nanjing (CHN) 22 JAN 2022
2:43:59 Yelena LASHMANOVA RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 31 JAN 2022
2:44:29 Darya GOLUBECHKOVA RUSRUS Sochi (RUS) 31 JAN 2022
2:45:46 Maocuo LI CHNCHN Dudince (SVK) 23 APR 2022
2:45:48 Serena SONODA JPNJPN Wajima (JPN) 17 APR 2022
10  2:47:48 Antigoni NTRISMPIOTI GREGRE Megara (GRE) 23 JAN 2022