18/04/2022   Mardin (TUR): First edition of the inter-league race waking concentration




An interesting day of march that of Saturday 16 April 2022 in Mardin (TUR).
Mardin is a city known for its Arab architecture and its strategic location. Its altitude, in fact (1.083m above sea level), allows it to dominate the underlying region from its rocky spurs. The border with Syria is a few kilometers south of Mardin, which remains a melting pot of different religions living together.
Its population, of 86.948 people, is very heterogeneous, counting Arabs, Assyrians, and Kurds. About half of the population, however, is of Arab ethnicity.
Mardin is an Aramaic word meaning "fortress".
The Turkish Athletics Federation wanted Martin to host the first inter-league walking concentration from the U16 to the Senior categories with individual and team standings.
The distance was that of 5km for the U18, U20 and senior categories, while for the U16s it was competed on 3km.
5km senior men
Fourteen athletes at the start and among them Salih Korkmaz also met at the start but did not complete the race.
Interesting the performance of the first four athletes who finished their fatigue in less than 21:00.
Victory to Abdulselam Imuk (TUR) in 20:33
Second place to Serkan Dogan (TUR) in 20:43
Third place in Serhat Gungor (TUR) in 20:56
Fourth place in Selman Ilhan (TUR) in 20:58
Team victory for the PTT Spor Kulubu of Ankara (Ilhan, Dogan and Mustafa Tekdal) in 41:41.
Second place in Istanbul BBSK in 41:57


5km senior women
Twelve athletes at the start.
Victory to Ayse Tekdal (TUR) in 22:30
Second place to Meryem Bekmez (TUR) in 22:50
Third place to Kader Dost (TUR) in 23:46
Team victory for Istanbul's Enka Spor Kulubu (Bekmez, Tekdal and Evan Demir) in 45:20.
Second place at Ankara's PTT Spor Kulubu in 51:16

5km U20 men
Twenty athletes at the start
Victory in Mazlum Demir (TUR) in 21:14
Second place to Hayrettin Yildiz (TUR) in 21:22
Third place to Mikhail Dere (TUR) in 21:24
Fourth place to Harun Bilir (TUR) in 21:29
Team victory for Batman-Petrolspor (Yildiz, Demir and Murat Guda) in 42:36.
Second place to Malastya_Dogukent Ihtisas in 44:34
5km U20 women
Fifteen athletes at the start
Victory in Sukran Ayaz (TUR) in 24:20
Second place to Emine Ceylan (TUR) in 24:20
Third place to Elif Nur Ozbey (TUR) in 25:26
Team victory for Batman-Petrolspor (Ayaz and Ceylan) in 48:40.
Second place at the PTT Spor Kulubu in Ankara in 54:01
5km U18 boys
Eighteen athletes at the start
Victory to Seyhmus Capat (TUR) in 22:29
Second place to Yusuf Toprak (TUR) in 22:37
Third place in Fukran Yaran (TUR) in 23:10
Team victory for Van Edremit Belediyesi Spor Kulübü Derneği (Toprak, Berdihan Yağmur and Berat Sari) in 46:16.
Second place at the Istanbul BBSK in 47:25


5km U18 girls
Seventeen athletes at the start
Victory in Tulin Ek (TUR) in 25:15
Second place to Esra Bingol (TUR) in 25:39
Third place in Aysima Doganer (TUR) in 27:20
Team victory for Istanbul BBSK (Bingol and Ek) in 50:54.
Second place in Istanbul Enka Spor Kulubu in 55:37