15/04/2022   Eugene World Championships at risk for Antonella Palmisano



Alarm Antonella Palmisano: the season of the 20km walk is at risk.
The 30-year-old Olympic champion suffers from inflammation in her left hip, between the head of the femur and the acetabulum, the lateral recess of the iliac bone: entering into conflict, they do not allow her to train as she should. It's a nuisance she's been complaining about since before the Games, but which has become less manageable. After a visit, last Friday, in Pesaro by Dr. Raul Zini, sports orthopedic specialist of the hip, in agreement with Dr. Andrea Billi, federal medical director, yesterday in Latina she was subjected to an infiltration of hyaluronic acid to lubricate the part.


"The intervention is averted - says the Italian athlete - but now it is impossible for me to do km. Looking at the calendars, it means having to give up on the Eugene World Championships in July right now. But I want to set myself the goal of the 20km of the European Championships in Munich in August, hoping that the rehabilitation that I will do in the meantime will bear fruit".

"I probably have yet to metabolize that I will not be competing at the Eugene World Championships in Oregon, but that I will have to watch them from home. The next week I will be in Formia to work with my physiotherapist. It will take at least twenty days and it is difficult for me to go back to walk before the middle of the month of May".


"In twenty days we will evaluate the results of the infiltration - explains coach Patrizio Parcesepe - but Antonella, at best, it won't be back on track until mid-May. Even in the event of recovery, given that the focus is now on Paris 2024, will it be worth hastening the times for the Europeans?"