12/04/2022   The Italian club championships with the track test



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Second stage in three venues for the Italian Race walking Clubs Championship, with the 10,000m track test and several athletes competing. In the North group, in Alessandria, Nicole Colombi from Bergamo drops to 45:08.03 signing a progress of thirteen seconds, one month after being the first of the Italians on the 35km in the Team World Championships in Oman where she finished twelfth. Personal best, on the other hand, was close to 45:41.69 for Federica Curiazzi, who by the longest distance is the reigning tricolor champion, ahead of junior Alexandrina Mihai, in clear growth with 47:08.80, and to the U23 Vittoria Giordani (48:20.95). Even the male is a standard bearer of the Carabinieri, Stefano Chiesa, in 40:47.93 to leave behind Juriy Micheletti who closes with 42:26.12 and Gabriele Gamba third in 43:19.07 to precede Leonardo Dei Tos  (43:41.91), while Aldo Andrei does not complete the race.




Risultati ufficiali Alessandria - Official results Alessandria




The best result of the day among the men is that of the Centro group, on the Prato track, where the Livorno-born Gianluca Picchiottino returns under forty minutes with 39:58.78 to about twenty seconds from the persona best. Twenty-year-old Davide Finocchietti shines in 40:32.61 to lower his limit by over half a minute (eighth U23 all-time at national level) overtaking Federico Tontodonati (40:39.62) and Michele Antonelli (41:03.79), followed by another young man like Riccardo Orsoni (41:28.74). Among the U20, Diego Giampaolo confirms his good moment, silver in the world championship for teams, which clocks 42:15.77. In the women's event the U20 GiadaTraina (48:28.83) and Sofia Fiorini (49:27.20), both born in 2004, also improved, as done by the 21-year-old Giulia Miconi (49:48.95). Among the U18, engaged on 5000 meters, 24:01.76 for Giulia Gabriele.




Risultati ufficiali Prato - Official results Prato




In Acquaviva delle Fonti (Bari), in the South group, another convincing performance by Nicola Lomuscio with 41:22.21 which is worth entering the Italian top ten under 20 ever, in ninth position. Further behind Vito Di Bari (44:), the other 18 year old Salvatore Manera (44:49.62) and Giuseppe Disabato (45:08.69); in female 53:21.22 by the junior Martina Cannone.




Risultati ufficiali Acquaviva delle Fonti - Official results Acquaviva delle Fonti