09/04/2022   Dane Bird-Smith announces his retirement




Walking into retirement!
It's weird actually looking back at what I have achieved in my career, I am so humbled and so proud of the highlights, olympic glory and medals are what history will remember but it's only part of the story that I will cherish as I call retirement and move to the next challenge in my life. 

I have clocked over 100,000kms of training and every step was just as important and meaningful as the ones that carried me across finish lines. My favourite memories will always be the training I endured, the battles I fought and those who were there with me. 

While I didn't get the fairy tail send off, I have had the whole magic journey and I am proud of all the decisions I had to make along the way. 


I want to thank my fantastic team, firstly my Dad, my coach, a dual olympian himself he was there for just about every session, thank you for literally carrying me home after gruelling training or beyond my limit racing, you were the wisdom and encouragement that made me never doubt I was capable of becoming a champion. So much love to my family and friends for all your support, I was the "always away" "not drinking tonight" "maybe next time" guy but you stuck by me through it all and shared my triumphs and setbacks. 


Thank you to James Thompson @werunpure my physio, his help on the table and on the gym floor kept me at 0 major injuries throughout my entire career. The Queensland Academy of Sport has had my back from day 1 giving me a space to train and be supported by the best in the industry. 

To my athletics family, both in Australia and worldwide. Track and field.. we are nuts to have chosen such a tough sport that forces us to bare our truest strengths and self to the world but I have relished every moment of fear, excitement, pain and glory. It is a dream come true to be a once an Olympian always an Olympian. I am so honoured to have shared a uniform, a startline and a dream with you all. 

It is really sad to say goodbye and no doubt I'll be around the track to support the next gen but I am ready now for a new chapter of.





(frrom his facebook wall)