03/04/2022   Podebrady (CZE): Valeria Ortuno (MEX) and Caio Bonfim (BRA) win the Podebrady Gold Level.



Podebrady afternoon races

20km women
- first 5km
Departure at the pace of 4:34/km.
A group of 6 athletes immediately took the lead: Valeria Ortuno (MEX), Alegna Aryday Gonzalez (MEX), Maria Perez (ESP), Saskia Feige (GER), Johana Ordonez (ECU) and Tereza Durdiakova (CZE).
The pass to 5km takes place in 22:16.
It should be noted that Maria Perez after 3km of the race is strangely burdened by a red card (contact).
- from 5 to 10km
Towards 6km Maria Perez receives the second red card, and immediately after Valeria Ortuno (MEX) forces her pace and gains a few meters on the others, while Tereza Durdiakova comes off about ten meters.
Shortly after the 7km Maria Perez receives the third red card against her (always contact). Obviously it's not her day.
At 8km, three are in the lead: the two Mexicans (Ortuno and Gonzalez), with Ortuno burdened by a red card, and Johana Ordonez (ECU) who pass in 35:36, ahead of Saskia Feige (GER) in 35:37 .
The passage in the middle of the race is as follows:
- Valeria Ortuno and Alegna Aryday Gonzalez in the lead in 44:23
- Johana Ordones third in 44:27 given to Saskia Feige in 44:28.
Followed by Tereza Durdiakova and Eliska Martinkova who precede Sandra Viviana Galvis (3 red cards), Ana Cabecinha and Valentina Trapletti. Maria Perez restarted after stopping in the Penalty Zone in 15th position
- from 10 to 15km
The news is that after the 11km Maria Perez is disqualified for loss of contact.
But also for Saskia Feige who passes in second position at 12km in 53:20 (ahead of her is Valeria Ortuno in 53:13) the technical situation begins to weigh: two red cards for her too.
At three quarters of the race the situation has radically changed.
In the lead Valeria Ortuno (1:06:43), followed by Johana Ordonez (1:06:53), by Saskia Feige (1:07:08) and by a trio composed of Valentina Trapletti, Eliska Martinkova and Ana Cabecinha (1 : 08: 14).
- last 5km
The race seems to have ended as regards the leading positions of the first three athletes as the chasers in the last 2km have maintained the same poor as the leaders. If something can change it can only be due to some technical provision of the jury.
At 18km Ortuno passes in 1:20:19, followed by Ordones (+30), Feige (+41), Trapletti (+1:39), Martinkova and Durdiakova (+1:42) and Cabecinha (+1:46) .
Victory to Valeria Ortuno (MEX) in 1:29:25
Second place to Saskia Feige (GER) in 1:29:57
Third place to Johana Ordonez (ECU) in 1:29:58
Fourth place to Valentina Trapletti (ITA) in 1:30:49
Fifth place went to Eliska Martinkova (CZE) in 1:30:53



International match team standing
1.- Czech Republic: 5 points
2.- France: 9 points
3.- Italy: 10 points
4.- Lithuania: 20 points
5.- Hungary: 21 points
6.- Slovakia: 25 points

20km men
- the first 5km
Nine athletes immediately lead the race: Perseus karlstrom (SWE), Alberto Amezcua (ESP), Miguel Angel Lopez (ESP), David Kenny (IRL), Wayne Snyman (RSA), Eider Arevalo (COL), Caio Bonfim (BRA) ), Karl Junhannss / GER), Brian Daniel Pintado (ECU) and Matteo Giupponi (ITA)
The transition to 5km:
1.- Perseus Karlstrom in 19:52
2.- Brian Daniel Pintado in 19:52
3.- Miguel Angel Lopez in 19:52
4.- David Kenny in 19:53
5.- Matteo Giupponi in 19:53
6.- Alberto Amezcua in 19:53
- from 5 to 10km
The passage to 7km of the leading group to which Caio Bonfim was added is 27:53.
Brian Pintato and Matteo Giupponi have their own red card (contact).
Around 8km Karlstrom lengthens his pace and gains a few meters. The passage of him to the 8km is of 31:48. The others follow between 31:50 and 30:52.
At half race (10km):
1.- Brian Daniel Pintado in 39:40
2.- David Kenny in 39:40
3.- Gaius Bonfim in 39:41
4.- Perseus Karlstrom in 39:41
5.- Alberto Amezcua in 39:44
6.- Miguel Angel Lopez in 39:44
7.- Matteo Giupponi in 40:08
- from 10 to 15km
At 12km, four remained at the head of the race: Kenny, Bonfim, Pintado and Karlstrom. The two Spaniards are more detached, while Giupponi has lost many positions and is about to be joined by Andrea Agrusti (ITA) who, however, is burdened by two red cards.
Kenny and Bonfim after 13km gain a few meters on Karlstrom who at 14km is 6 second off the two leaders. He is followed by America, Pintado, Lopez and Ojala (FIN).
The passage to the three quarters of the race is: Bonfium and Kenny (59:24), Karlstrom (+7), Amezcua (+21), Pintado (+37), Ojala (+50)
- last 5km
At 16km only Caio Bonfim took the lead (1:03:18) while David Kenny was joined by Perseus Karlstrom and they follow the leader at 10 seconds. One km later, the disadvantage becomes 18 seconds.
Shortly before the 18km Aleksi Ojala is joined by the third red card and will be stopped for 2 minutes.
At the bell Bonfim passes in 1:15:06, with Karlstrom at 32 seconds, Kenny at 38 seconds and Pintado at 48 seconds.
Victory to Caio Bonfim (BRA) in 1:18:54
Second place to Perseus Karlstrom (SWE) in 1:19:42
Third place went to David Kenny (IRL) in 1:19:44
Fourth place went to Brian Daniel Pintado (ECU) in 1:19:47
Fifth place to Alberto Luiz Amezcua (ESP) in 1:19:58
However, we want to spend a few words for two personal bests obtained by two US athletes:
- Nick Christie (PB: 1:22:44 with a big leap in quality compared to the previous one of 1:24:15 obtained in La Coruna, ESP on 8.6.2019)
- Dan Nehnevaj (PB: 1:23:10 also for him a big leap in quality compared to the previous one of 1:26:10 obtained in Philadelphia, PA, USA on 11.4.2021).
Both are globetrotters, they compete wherever possible, in particular Christie who is able to improve at 30, an age in which someone thinks of hanging up their shoes. But not only that, Christie also thinks about acting as a "mother" hen (sorry Nick) to the teammate (25 years old) who has totally dedicated himself to walking only in 2020 by participating in the indoor and outdoor short distance races of the US Colleges.
Those who have followed this sport for a long time will find that these two personal bests are the best results in the USA for at least 10 years.
Those who not only follow this sport, but also love it, should only rejoice to see that the old US lion returns to roar in 2022.



International match team standing
1.- Italy: 3 points
2.- Slovakia: 11 points
3.- France: 12 points
4.- Czech Republic: 18 points
5.- Hungary: 20 points
6.- Lithuania: 29 points





10km U20 women
After 3km Karla Ximena Serrano (MEX) forces her pace, greets and flies away. She will no longer be reached.
Her split tomes were in the first 5km (4:44, 9:11, 13:40, 18:11, 22:44) and in the middle of the race she has 10 seconds ahead of Sharon Lisseth Herrera Soto (CRC) who passes in 22:54.
Third halfway through the race is Heta Veikkola (FIN) in 22:57.
The four Italians follow in single file: Giada Traina (23:03) and then Alexandrina Mihai, Vittoria Di Dato and Giulia Gabriele (23:33).
The race goes on like this until the last lap when Heta Vikkola manages to overtake Sharon Lisseth Herrera Soto by a few meters and wins silver.
Victory to Karla Ximena Serrano (MEX) in 45:20
Second place in Heta Veikkola (FIN) in 46:02
Third place to Sharon Lisseth Herrera Soto (CRC) in 46:04
Fourth place to Alexandrina Mihai (ITA) in 46:57
Fifth place to Giada Traina (ITA) in 46:58
Sixth place in Vittoria Di Dato (ITA) in 47:59
International match team standing
1.- France points 4
2.- Italy: 7 points
3.- Hungary: 13 points
4.- Slocacchia: 15 points
5.- Lithuania: 24 points
6.- Czech Republic: 29 points
10km U20 men
Halfway through the race there are still five (21:25). They are: Angel Vazquez Montes (MEX), Jaromir Moravek (CZE), Adam Zajichek (CZE), Tiago Ramos (POR) and Emiliano Brigante (ITA).
Towards 7km Montes, Zajicek and Moravek lengthen the pace and gain about twenty seconds over Ramos and Brigante.
At the bell the three pass in 38:12, Ramos in 38:35 and Brigante in 39:04
Victory to Angel Vazquez Montes (MEX) in 42:15
Second place to Adam Zajichek (CZE) in 42:19
Third place to Jaromir Moravek (CZE) in 42:36
Fourth place to Tiago Ramos (POR) in 42:55
Fifth place went to Emiliano Brigante (ITA) in 43:26
Allow us to spend a few words of encouragement for Emiliano Brigante who we know personally and whose chronometric value we know, unfortunately often blown up by technical considerations. The young Italian athlete is now following a path of technical review completely neglecting the chronometric results. Today's race gave the first positive results: no red card.
If they're roses they'll bloom. You have finally made the right choice.
International match team standing
1.- Czech Republic: 3 points
2.- Italy: 9 points
3.- France: 9 points
4.- Slocacchia: 20 points
5.- Lithuania: 21 points
6.- Hungary: 33 points


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