21/03/2022   Nomi (JPN): Daisuke Matsunaga and Serena Sonoda win the 46th edition of the All Japan Race Walking



Nomi (JPN) hosted the 46th edition of the All Japan Race Walking.
In past years the race took place in an international context and was valid as an Asian 20km Championship, but unfortunately the pandemic dictated its rules and the Japanese organizers had to limit it to the athletes of the land of the Rising Sun.
Even the day was not the best as there was an alternation of rain and a high level of humidity.
20km men
Nevertheless, 84 athletes entered the men's race, but 23 did not show up at the start, including the silver medalist of Sapporo and Muscat, Koki Ikeda.
In any case, at 8:50 in the morning it was certainly a good thing to see over fifty participants marching in the 1,000m circuit of Nomi.
Here is a brief report.
- at 5km
Very fast start right away which will be the prelude to excellent marks.
Two athletes are leading the race: Daisuke Matsunaga and Hiroto Jusho who pass in 19:41.
They are followed a few meters by Yuta Koga, Subaru Ishida, Haruki Manju, Mitsuki Murate, Rihito Ishida, Hayato Yanagihara and Ryosuke Hondo in 19:54-19:57

- at 10km
The pace of the first two remains more or less the same.
Daisuke Matsunaga and Hiroto Jusho passing in 39:34 (with 5km covered in 19:53).
Yuta Koga, Subaru Ishida and Haruki Manju also cover the second 5km in 19:53 and their gap from the first to 10km is 13”.
Instead they sold Mitsuki Murate, Rihito Ishida, Hayato Yanagihara and above all Ryosuke Hondo who left the race.
- at 15km
Daisuke Matsunaga has increased the pace and transits in 59:40 (third 5km in 20:06). Hiroto Jusho was joined by Yuta Koga and Subaru Ishida who are always 13" behind, having also covered the third 5km in 20:06.
The others are more detached.

- last 5km
Daisuke Matsunaga increases his pace again (last 5km in 20:13) and goes on to win in 1:19:53.
The fight for the other three positions is glowing. Yuta Koga wins in front of Hiroto Jusho and Subaru Ishida
Victory to Daisuke Matsunaga in 1:19:53
This result represents for Matsunaga the new "season best" improving the time obtained in Kobe last February 20 (1:21:23) by 1:30 as well as representing the fourth world performance of the season.
Second place to Yuta Koga in 1:20:40
Third place to Hiroto Jusho in 1:20:42
Fourth place to Subaru Ishida in 1:20:43
Fifth place to Haruki Manju in 1:21:47




20km women
Twenty-seven athletes at the start and unfortunately also four of the favorites among them: Kukiko Okada, Nanako Fujii, Nami Kumagai and Masumi Fuchise.
Serena Sonoda leaves at the start and will no longer be reached.
These are her split times every 5km:
- 5km: 23:23
- 10km: 46:48 (23:15)
- 15km: 1:09:44 (22:56)
- last 5km in 22:28

Behind her the fight for medals is restricted to between athletes Miyu Naito, Hitomi Shimoka and Yukiko Umeno who remain together until 15km.
These are their passages:
- 5km: 23:42
- 10km: 47:45 (24:03)
- 15km: 1:12:08 (24:23)
In the last 5km Miyu Naito lengthens his pace (23:43) and goes to get the silver.
Victory to Serena Sonoda in 1:32:12
Second place to Miyu Naito in 1:35:51
Third place to Hitomi Shimoka in 1:36:32
Fourth place to Yukiko Umeno in 1:36:52
Fifth place in Minori Yabuta in 1:38:05
Thanks to Akihiro Sugimoto - JPN for the photos