14/03/2022   Eskilstuda (SWE): Karlstrom wins the Swedish Indoor Championships




On Saturday 12 March the Swedish Indoor Walking Championships took place in Eskilstuna (SWE) at Munkterll Areanan.
5.000m indoor men
Perseus Karlstrom just in time to return from Muscat in Oman where he brilliantly won the 35km men in 2.36: 14 and here he is ready to compete in the Indoor Championships and to further embellish his collection of victories, with a mark of world depth: 18:48.94 which currently represents the third world performance of the 2021-2022 season after 18:28.3h by Vasiliy Mizinov (RUS) obtained in Chelyabinsk on 28.12.2021 and 18:39:01 by Veli-Matti Partanen (FIN) obtained in Helsinki (FIN) on 5.2.2022.
For the occasion, the most difficult opponent to beat was Nick Christie (USA) who competed in the Championships obviously out of the standings, but who finished his race with the personal best over distance in 19: 53.47.
The silver of the Swedish Championships went to Anatole All Ibanez (SWE) in 21:00.0h while the bronze went to Remo Karlstrom (SWE) in 23:38.48.
In short, a trio of brothers on the podium is not an everyday thing: the total time of the trio was 1:03.27.42 with which Eskilstuda Fl won the team classification
3.000m indoor women
Victory to Monica Svensson (SWE) still on the go at the beautiful age of 42 in 15:08.58
Second place to Ellinor Hogrell (SWE) in 18:28.85
Third place in Linnea Nilsforts (SWE) in 23:43.12


  Mark Competitor Nat Venue Date
18:28.3h Vasiliy MIZINOV ANAANA Chelyabinsk (RUS) 28 DEC 2021
18:39.01 Veli-Matti PARTANEN FINFIN Helsinki (FIN) 05 FEB 2022
18:48.94 Perseus KARLSTRÖM SWESWE Eskilstuna (SWE) 12 MAR 2022
19:14.8h Dmitriy GRAMACHKOV ANAANA Chelyabinsk (RUS) 28 DEC 2021
19:26.57 Eduard ZABUZHENKO UKRUKR Sumy (UKR) 18 DEC 2021
19:26.68 Máté HELEBRANDT HUNHUN Nyíregyháza (HUN) 26 FEB 2022
19:31.43 Oleh SVYSTUN UKRUKR Sumy (UKR) 18 DEC 2021
19:33.1h Kiril GRUDKIN RUSRUS Chelyabinsk (RUS) 28 DEC 2021
19:33.91 Aliaksandr LIAKHOVICH BLRBLR Mogilyov (BLR) 26 FEB 2022
10  19:36.38 David KENNY IRLIRL Dublin (IRL) 26 FEB 2022