05/03/2022   Muscat (OMA): Yamanishi and Ikeda gold and silver in 20km men



The last race of the World Athletics program relating to the World Team Walking Championships in Muscat, Oman is that of the men's 20km.
As known, the restrictions imposed by World Athletics did not allow the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus, including any ANA.

20 km men
Immediately after the start Luis Alberto Amezcua (ESP) with Diego Garcia (ESP) and with them Toshikazu Yamanishi (JPN) and Koki Ikeda (JPN) take the lead of the group. With them also Gianluca Picchiottino (ITA) and Eider Arevalo (COL).
The first 2km lap takes 8:34.
After 13 minutes of the race, Kyle Swan (AUS) is brought to light, gaining about ten meters on the group that seems to let go with Toshikazu Yamanishi in the head, but after a few minutes he decides to put an end to his escape.
The second round ends in 17:08 (8:34), but immediately afterwards Yamanishi overtakes Swan and in turn goes on the run. No one knows yet, but it will be the victory action of the day.

The passage at 5km is 21:15 with Yamanishi ahead of about twenty meters.
Eider Arevalo (COL) realizes that Yamanishi's advantage can become dangerous and he goes after the Japanese.
The passage at 6km is 25:29 followed by Arevalo in 25:35 and the group led by Li Yandong (CHN) in 25:43.
At 7km: Yamanishi (29:37), Arevalo (29:43), Koki Ikeda (JPN) in 29:44, Diego Garcia Carrera (ESP) in 29:47, Li Yandong (29:49)
At 8km: Ikeda (33:52) almost reached the leader Yamanishi (33:48) while Diego Garcia Carrera and Li Yagong (34:04) left the group. Eider Areval was catched by group and after he abandon.
Ikeda reaches Yakanishi after another 200 meters just as he receives a red card for lack of contact. They pass together with the 9km in 37:50 (pace of 4:02/km).
Halfway through the race: Yamanishi takes the lead in 41:59, according to Ikeda in 42:01. The group of the others passes in 42:27 led by Li Yadong and Diego Garcia Carrera.
If the two Japanese do not have technical problems, we believe it will be very hard to think about victory for the others.
However, it is still Yamanishi who puts it down hard the race, forcing the pace again and breaking Ikeda off.
At 11km: Yamanishi (45:56), Ikeda (46:01), Li (46:33) together and Brian Pintado (ECU) and the other pursuers.

With 4 laps to go (12km): Yamanishi (50:08), Ikeda (50:15). Pace of 4:18, but we are in the slightly uphill section. Brian Pintado, Samuel Gathimba (KEN), Decla Tingay (AUS), Sandeep Kumar (IND), Diego Garcia Carrera and Li Yadong follow in 50:51.
At 13km: Yamanishi (54:05), Ikeda (54:18) and the pursuers in 54:56, with a bit behind (55:00)
At 14km: Yamanishi (58:14), Ikeda (58:37), but between the pursuers Declan Tingay and Diego Garcia (59:03) have detached Gathimba (59:07) and Kumar (59:11)
Three-quarter race: Yamanishi (1:02:15), Ikeda (1:02:43), Tingay (1:02:59), Gathimba (1:03:06) and Garcia Carrera (1: 093: 08 ).
We believe the gold has already been awarded to Yamanishi, the other medals will be decided in the last 5km.
Two laps to go (16km): Yamanishi (1:06:28), Ikeda (1:07) but Declan Tingay is close (1:07:09), Samuel Gathimba (1:07:18), Diego Garcia (1:07:35), Sandeep Kumar (1:07:35).

After 1:14:37 the bell rings for Yamanishi. Ikeda is second in 1:15:20 while there is a thiller finish for the bronze: DeclanTingay receives the third red card and will be stopped for 2 minutes. Bronze should go to Samuel Gathimba (KEN).
Victory to Toshikazu Yamanishi (JPN) in 1:22:52
Second place to Koki Ikeda (JPN) in 1:23:29
Third place to Samuel Gathimba (KEN) in 1:23:52
Fourth place went to Brian Daniel Pintado (ECU) in 1:24:25
Fifth place went to Diego Garcia Carrera (ESP) in 1: 214: 41
Sixth place to Sandeep Kumar (IND) in 1:25:45
Seventh place to Saul Mena (MEX) in 1:25:14
Eighth place to Wayne Snyman (RSA) in 1:25:33
Team standings:

1.- Ecuador points 25

2.- Japan points 26

3.- China points 45

4.- Australia points 47

5.- Spain points 55

6.- Italy points 78

7.- Kenia points 79

8.- Germany points 85

9.- South Africa points 108

10.- Turkey points 130

11.- Oman points 165