28/02/2022   Birmingham (GBR): Bethan Davies and Christopher Snook wins at the UK Athletics National Indoor Championships




The British Athletics Indoor National Championships took place today Sunday 27 February in the beautiful indoor venue of the Birmingham Arena.
As usual in Great Britain, the two indoor events traditionally both take place on the distance of the 3.000m walk
3.000m women walk
It was the first of the two races starting at 13.24 and eleven athletes at the start.
The thirty-one-year-old athlete from Cardiff, Bethan Davies, immediately took the lead and was always in the lead with these split times:
- 1.000m: 4:22.11
- 2.000m: 8:51.20 (4:29.09)
- last 1.000m in 4:32.87
The British record holder and national outdoor 5000m champion was using the race for some speedwork ahead of the upcoming World Team Walking Championships in Oman, but she knocked out her opponents by exactly one minute.
Victory then to Bethan Davies (GBR) in 13:24.97
For the other two medals an exciting three-way fight that ends on a margin of 58/100 of a second
Second place to Hannah Hopper (GBR) in 14:24.14
Third place to Erika Kelly (GBR) in 14:24.64
Fourth place to Abigail Jennings (GBR) in 14:24.72


3.000m men walk
There are four athletes who show up at the start.
Christopher Snook starts immediately. The only one trying to hold out for a few laps is Tom Partington, but he will soon be a few meters apart.
These are his passages:
- 1.000m: 4:11.78
- 2.000m: 8:18.67 (4:06.09)
- last 1.000m in 4:08.60
Victory to Christopher Snook (GBR) in 12:27.27 which represents the new personal best on distance (previous of 12: 41.34 established in Sheffield, GBR in 6.1.2019)
Second place to Tom Partington (GBR) in 12:41.43 also for him a new personal best on the distance (previous of 12: 52.25 established in Sheffield, GBR in 6.1.2019)
Third place to Luc Legon (GBR) in 13:15.66