14/02/2022   Prague (CZE): The Czech Republic Indoor Walking Championships




The Czech Republic Indoor National Walking Championships took place on Sunday
The event was hosted in the Stromovka sports center in the north of Prague in the Stromovka Park of the same name.
5.000m indoor walk men
Vít Hlaváč (CZE) won gold with an excellent performance (19:55.03) as he was the only athlete to finish the race below 20:00.00.
With this result, the 24-year-old TEPO Kladno athlete improved his personal best by 1:25.49 compared to what he had done in the 2018/19 indoor season in Banska Bystrica (SVK) on 4.1.2029.
Second place to Lukáš Gdula (CZE) in 20:25.88
Third place to Rostislav Kolář (CZE) in 22:10.13
5.000m indoor walk U20 men
Jaromír Morávek (CZE) won with the mark of 20:53.90
Second place to Adam Zajíček (CZE) in 21:13.26
Third place to Robert Hurdálek (CZE) in 24:20.84.
5.000m indoor walk U18 boys
Victory for Tomáš Endršt (CZE) with the mark of 25:30.50
Second place to Albert Kulka (CZE) in 26:13.41
Third place to Vojtěch Novák (CZE) in 26:52.87
3.000m indoor walk women
Victory for Jana Zikmundová (CZE) in 15:58.56
Second place to Johana Petříková (CZE) in 16:10.71
Third place to Michaela Bakliková (CZE) in 16:20.76
3.000m indoor walk U20 women
Victory for Ema Klimentová (CZE) with ther mark of 14:34.84 obtaining the best time of all the athletes at the start including those of the superior category
Second place to Adéla Pittnerova (CZE) in 14:56.22
Third place to Adéla Veselková (CZE) in 16:01.49
3.000m indoor walk U18 girls
Victory for Klára Hlaváčová (CZE) with the mark of 14:39.85
Second place to Katka Nedvídková (CZE) in 16:17.67
Third place in Štěpánka Šlichtová (CZE) in 17:49.19