12/02/2022   Rennes (FRA): Lena Auvray's new U18 girls national record at the French Indoor National Championships




Today, Saturday 12 February, the French Indoor Walking Championships reserved for the U23, U20 and U18 categories took place in France in Rennes at the Robert Poirier indoor facility in conjunction with the French Indoor Championships of multiple events.
The organization was that of the Ligue de Bretagne.
3.000m U23 women
Twelve athletes at the start.
Pretty easy victory for Maele Bire-Heslouis (FRA) in 13:15.02 who improves her previous personal best of 13:33.77 established in Val-de-Reuil (FRA) on 17.12.2021.
Second place to Maele Terrec (FRA) in 13:27.05
Third place to Marion Manaresi (FRA) in 13:29.37
3.000m U20 women
Sixteen athletes at the start.
Solitary victory for Elvina Carre (FRA) in 13:23.52 who slightly brokes her personal best of 13:24.57 established in Vittel (FRA) one month ago on 16.1.2022.
Second place to Ana Delahaie (FRA) in 13:58.03, also retouching her personal best of 14:01.22 established in Bordeaux (FRA) three weeks ago on 22.1.2022.
Third place to Emilie Laurens (FRA) in 14: 05.47
3.000m U18 women
Sixteen athletes at the start.
The most important and interesting result of the day comes precisely from the U18 girls category in which the young Lena Auvray, just over sixteen, having been born on 20.1.2006, ends her race with the new national category record.
The previous one belonged to the same athlete (13: 5.21) and had been obtained in Guilers (FRA) on 19.12.2021 by deleting the 13:59.85 of Julia Perrichon established in Istanbul which resisted from 10.3.2018.
By Lena Auvrai, therefore capable of beating a national record twice at 16 years in two months, we will certainly hear more about her: today's mark was 13:34.90
Second place to Marine Merbitz (FRA) in 14:10.84
Third place to Juliette Saint-Martin (FRA) in 14:13.99


5.000m U23 men
Twelve athletes at the start.
Victory for Martin Madeline-Degy (FRA) in 20:34.75
Second place to Matteo Duc (FRA) in 20:39.48
Third place to Lucas Dreville (FRA) in 20:55.36
5.000m U20 men
Sixteen athletes at the start.
Victory for Ellis Batifol (FRA) in 21:57.53
Second place to Erwan Garrouty (FRA) in 22:18.57
Third place to Faustine Garreau (FRA) in 22:29.82
5.000m U20 men
Sixteen athletes at the start.
Victory for Quentin Chenuet (FRA) in 22:33.83
Second place to Bastien Picart (FRA) in 23:50.30
Third place to Hugo Ellul (FRA) in 24:04.07