08/02/2022   Olhao (POR): The national championships of Portugal of the 20km



National championships of 20km open road walk took place in Olhão (POR) on Sunday morning
20km men
Twenty athletes at the start.
From the very beginning, the group of leaders in which all the favorites were present led the race
Little by little it has broken down over time.
Shortly before halfway through the race, the U20 Guilherme Rodrigues increased his pace mostly by aiming for a form of sprinting in the 10km test, which he finished with an excellent personal best of 43:44.
At that point he had an advantage of around 8 seconds over his teammates who continued to compete in the 20km race.
The split times of the leaders:
- 5km: 22:14 (Rodrigues, Rojas, Martins, Santos and Coelho)
- 10km: 43:52 (21:38) (Coelho, Martins, Santos and Rojas)
- 15km: 1:05:48 (21:56) (Martins and Coelho) while Rojas passes in 1:05:57 (22:05)
The fight for medals on the last lap was restricted between Rui Coelho (POR) who entered the last lap with a margin of advantage over Paulo Martins (POR) and even more so over Christian Rojas (COL).
The young Colombian (born on May 26, 2002) however managed to recover and overtake Paulo Martins at first and, about 150 meters from the finish line, also Rui Coelho, and went on to win (on his first experience in a 20km) in 1:27:43
Second place to Rui Coelho (POR) in 1:27:47
Third place to Paulo Martins (POR) in 1:28:10
Fourth place (but bronze for the Portuguese Championships) to Hélder Santos in 1:30:17
20km women
At the start 15 athletes

The women's competition had an initial phase with the presence in the leading group of the U20 Inês Mendes together with the accredited Ana Cabecinha, Maria Bernardo and Vitória Oliveira.
The passage to 5km sees Ana Cabecinha in the lead in 24:10 with Maria Bernardo and Vitória Oliveira in 24:15 and Inês Mendes in 24:20
Halfway through the race Inês Mendes was about twenty meters in front of the others and won the U20 test in 47:54.
Her passage was four seconds less than Ana Cabecinha, who had to finish the 20km (47:58, with 5km seconds in 23:48).
Maria Bernardo and Vitória Oliveira passed in 48:35.
At 15km Cabecinha passes in 1: 11.55 (third 5km in 23:57) and then concludes the last 5km in 24:15
Victory to Ana Cabecinha (POR) in 1:36:10
Second place to Johana Pontes (POR) in 1:37:19
Third place to Maria Bernardo (POR) in 1:39:17