05/02/2022   Ancona (ITA): Italian Indoor Championships U20 e U23.




Italy's indoor season begins in Ancona with the U20 and U23 Italian Championships.
Today, Saturday 5 February, the four walking races will start.
3.000m indoor walk U20 women
There are six athletes who show up at the start.
Departure with Alexandrina Mihai and Vittoria Di Dato in the lead.
Towards 1.000m Mihai produces a break and progressively detaches Di Dato by about 20m. In third position is Sofia Fiorini.
The leader cover 1.000m in 4:38.6

Ai 2.000m Mihai passa in 9:08.8 (4:30.2)

With three laps to go, her advantage over Vittoria Di Dato is about 50m
Victory to Alexandrina Mihai (ITA) in 13:49.40
This performance broke up his previous personal best of 14:49.86 established at the Palaindoor in Padua 17.1.20221
Second place to Vittoria Di Dato (ITA) in 14:07.25 also for her personal best (previous of 14: 21.60 established in Ancona on 6.2.2021)
Third place to Sofia Fiorini (ITA) 14:22.18 also for her personal best (previous of 15:09.10 established in Ancona on 13.2.2021)
5.000m indoor walk U20 men
There are only five at the start as one of the two favorites Davide Finocchieti has given up

on starting.

After a few laps Aldo Andrei stretches and detaches Gabriele Gamba, while Daniele Breda had already been detached previously.
From this moment on, the race offers very little and Aldro Andrei's overwhelming power also makes it quite boring also because Daniele Breda is forced to be disqualified by the jury.
Victory to Aldo Andrei (ITA) in 20.53.85

Second plce to Gabriele Gamba (ITA) in 21:49:83

Third place to Alessandro Tanoni (ITA) in 23:39:02




3.000m indoor walk U23 women

Two of the favorites, Martina Casiragi and Francesca Liviani, give up on leaving.
Simona Bertini immediately takes the lead as she heads to the:
- 1.000m in 4:26.1
- 2.000m in 8:53.3 (4:27.2)
Victory to Simona Bertini (ITA) in 13:16.03
Second place to Anna Ferrari (ITA) in 13:52.75
Third place to Diletta Casciotti (ITA) in 14:10.31


5.000m indoor walk U20 men
There are eight athletes who have their participation confirmed and present themselves at the starting line.
There can be no doubt about the main reason that will dominate this race: the battle for victory between the two young athletes from Puglia (both born in 2003) Nicola Lomuscio and Pietro Pio Notaristefano.
But the track will not confirm what the insiders thought was.
Pietro Pio Notaristefano shoots away at the shot as if to say: "Today is my day; you will see what I am up to! ".
And in fact we are witnessing an incredible solo on a time of absolute level that in Italy in the U20s had only been scored by Giorgio Rubino, Michele Didoni and Giovanni De Benedictis.
These are his passages:
- 1.000m in 4:00.7
- 2.000m in 8:01.0 (4:00.3)
- 3.000m in 12:01.7 (4:00.7)
- 4.000m in 16:03.8 (4:02.1)
- last 1.000m in 4:02.18
Victory to Pietro Pio Notaristefano (ITA) in 20:06.38

Second place to Nicola Lomuscio (ITA) in 20.43:38

Third place to Matteo Mandarino (ITA) in 23:15.56





Risultati ufficiali - Official results




(Photo by F. Grana - Italy)