01/02/2022   Adler, Sochi (RUS): All Russia U18 Race Walking Championship



On the second day there were two sports events in the frame of All Russia Team World Race walking Championship for young athletes:

Interregional race walking competitions "Young  race walker" reserved to U16 and All Russia race walking competitions reserved to U18. 

The events was organised on a Central Sochi Stadium named Slava Mitrovelly.

The RW Judges panel for this competitions was the same as it was yesterday. 

The day was perfect in comparison with yesterday:  +7C without wind, it was rather warm and sunny. 


Interregional race walking competitions "Young  race walker" for U16 took part 

21 Girls (on a distance 3000m) and 7 Boys (on a distance 5000m).

Everything was fast and good organized. 



3.000m track walk U16 girls


As for the Girls distance, leaders moved forward after 1500m

The first position was for Ignatova Mariya (Moscow). She was on a leader position during all the distance, but she was disqualified on the Last 100m by Chief Judge. 


So the results of this distance is the following:

Gold medal - Kozhevnikova Alena (Mordovia) - 13:47.0

Silver medal - Volkova Anastasiya (Kemerovo) - 13:51.0

Bronze medal - Egorova Kristina(Mordovia)- 13:51.1







5.000m track walk U16 boys


As for boys 5000m, the results are the following:

Gold medal - Gulmuradov Bekhruz (Mordovia) - 23:00.0

Silver medal - Egorova Nikita (Mordovia) - 23:18.3

Bronze medal - Yulayhanov Grigoriy (Chelyabinsk) - 23:43.8



The next start was All Russia racewalking competitions for U18.



5000m track walk U18 girls


Gold medal - Podyachikh Anastasiya (Chelyabinsk) - 22:17.8

Silver medal - Idashina Viktoriya (Mordovia) - 22:42.4

Bronze medal - Efremova Alyona - 22:52.6



10.000m track walk U18 boys


The leader positions from the first meters were for  Denisov Andrey (Mordovia), Chudaykin Kirill (Mordovia), Strokov Denis (Mordovia). 

After a 3 km point, approximately, Strokov Denis (Mordovia) received three Red cards and moved into a Penalty area for 1minute.

Then, after a 6km point, the same situation was with Another Mordovian athlete Kirill Chudaykin. 

But nevertheless, they continued and finished with bronze and silver medal


Gold medal - Denisov Andrey (Mordovia) - 42:59.7

Silver medal - Chudaykin Kirill (Mordovia) - 46:20.4

Bronze medal - Strokov Denis (Mordovia) - 46:24.7

Thanks to Ivan Astradamov - RUS