31/01/2022   Coatzalcoalcos (MEX): 5th edition of the Circuito Nacional de Caminata



The fifth stage of the World Race Walking Tour took place in Mexico between 29 and 30 January 2022
The 5th edition of the Circuito Nacional de Caminata Coatzalcoalcos took place on Saturday 29 January 2022 in Coatzalcoalcos (MEX) in the area of ​​the Pyramid in homage to the 1996 Atlanta bronze medal Bernardo Segura.
The most important races were those of the 35km (men and women), those of the 20km (men and women) and the two 10km U20 which were valid as selection for Muscat (Oman)
35km men
Only seven athletes at the start.
Victory for Ricardo Ortiz Rivera (MEX) in 2:30:07
Second place to Jose Luis Doctor Morales (MEX) in 2:34:23
Third place to Ever Jair Palma Olivares (MEX) in 2:39:11
Fourth place went to Jose Leyver Ojeda Blas (MEX) in 2:41:47
Fifth place to Isaac Vazquez Ferreyra (MEX) in 2:47:08
Sixth place to Luis Amauri Bustamante Franco (MEX) in 2:53:36
35km women
Only five athletes at the start.
Victory for Ilse Ariadna Guerrero Roidarete (MEX) in 2:53:48
Second place to Elvira Arisay Cruz Salinas (MEX) in 3:00:49
Third place to Aura Libertad Morales Alvarez (MEX) in 3:22:03
Fourth place to Mariela Sanchez Teran (MEX) in 3: 25.18
Fifth place to Lizbeth Silva Miranda (MEX) in 3:31:01
20km men
20 athletes in entry list, but only 12 at the start.
Victory for Noel Ali Chama Almazan (MEX) in 1:22:39 (remember that he has a respectable personal best established in Dudince on 20/3/2021: 1:20:23)
Second place to Saul Mena Gomez (MEX) in 1:23:04
Third place to Carlos Sanchez Cantera (MEX) in 1:24:36
Fourth place to Brandon Bernardo Segura Zepeda (MEX) in 1:24:49
Fifth place to Isaac Porcayo Villareal (MEX) in 1:27:55

20km women
Twelve athletes who showed up at the start.
Clear and undisputed victory for Alegna Aryday Gonzalez Munoz (MEX) in 1:31:38.
Little more than a training session for the 23-year-old athlete coached by Ignacio Zamudio capable last season of an interesting 1:28:40 obtained in La Coruna on 5.6.2021. But even more interesting in a future key is her Olympic result: a fifth place that speaks volumes about her on her future potential combined with the pleasantness of her technical gesture.
Second place to Nadia Lizeth Gonzalez Manjarrez (MEX) in 1:35:48
Third place went to Sofia Elizabeth Ramos Rodriguez (MEX) in 1:37:13, also for her little more than a training session under the guidance of Ignacio Zamudio.


The results of the U20 events are available in the Results section.





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