29/01/2022   New York (USA) - 114th edition of Millrose Games



The 114th edition of the Millrose Games, one of the best known indoor competitions in the world, was held today in New York.
Both races, as is customary in the USA, were held over the 3,000m indoor distance.
3.000m indoor men
A beautiful parterre of 12 athletes at the start, among which the names of Nick Christie (USA) and Benjamin Thorne (CAN) stand out.
Sprint at the head of the race immediately like a Nick Christie arrow. The athlete from San Diego, CA moves up to 1,000m in 3:52.94, leading the Canadian opponent by 1"98/100. Behind them in 4:02:01 the new name of the USA Daniel Nehnevaj already exhibited in the last season of the university meetings.
The transition to 2.000m is as follows:
- Christie in 7:45.52 (3:52.58)
- Thorne in 7:53.57 (3:58.80)
- Nehnevaj in 8:05.61 (4:03.60)
The last 1.000m see a slight drop for the first two, while Nehnevaj improves on the second 1.000m in 4:02:87
Victory to Nick Christie (USA) in 11:43.46
Second place to Benjamin Thorne (CAN) in 11:55.42
Third place to Daniel Nehnevaj (USA) in 12:08.48 with the new personal best which improves to 12:27.57 obtained on 23 January 2022 in Winston Salem, NC (USA)
3.000m indoor women
There is a beautiful battle both for victory (between Maria Michta-Coffey, USA and Miranda Melville, USA) and for bronze (between Katie Burnett, USA and Janelle Brasnch, USA)
At 1.000m Maria Michta-Coffey leads in 4:31.02 ahead of Miranda Melville in 4:31.24. Katie Burnett follows in 4:31:50 while Janelle Branch is fourth in 4:35.38
The transition to 2.000m is as follows:
- Melville in 8:58.74 (4:27.51)
- Maria Michta-Coffey in 8:59.21 (4:28.20)
- Katie Burnett in 9:09.28 (4:37.78)
- Janelle Branch in 9:17.97 (4:42.60)
In the last 1.000m the situation is reversed again both for the victory and for the bronze
Victory to Maria Michta-Coffey (USA) in 13:24.74 (4:25.52)
Second place to Miranda Melville (USA) in 13:25.70
Third place to Katie Burnett (USA) in 13:58.63
Fourth place to Janelle Branch (USA) in 13:58.76