26/01/2022   San Jerónimo, Baja Verapaz (GUA): The 35km and 20km national championship of Guatemala




The streets of San Jerónimo, Baja Verapaz (GUA) were the scene of the 2022 National Walking Championship, which took place on the morning of Sunday 23, and which saw the participation of dozens of athletes from the country and guests from Mexico.
The event was cataloged as a key event for the selection of athletes for the 2022 World Athletics Championships and the U20 World Athletics Championships.
35km men
The protagonist of the race was Jefferson Segura (MEX) who completed 35km in 2:39:21
Second place to Sergio Sacul (GUA) in 2:43:55
Third place to Erwin Morales (GUA) in 2:45:29
35km women
Only Yasury Palacios (GUA) at the start. She finish race in 2:53:03
20km men
The 20km we witnessed a close battle between the two athletes from Guatemala who are currently the most popular: Erick Barrondo and José Barrondo.
Together with them, Brandon Segura (MEX) also battled from the very first meters.
Forcing the pace in the final moments of the race, the London 2012 silver medalist took the victory with a mark of 1:23:27.
Second place to Jose Barrondo (GUA) in 1:23:31
Third place in the Guatemala national championship goes to Oscar Pop (GUA) in 1:28:01

20km women
Victory of the favorite of the eve Maritza Poncio (GUA) in 1:32:27
Second place to Maidy Monge (GUA) in 1:33:39
Third place to Maria Peinado (GUA) in 1:41:16
The National Athletics Federation made the following choices after the competition:
Eugene World Championships 2022:
- 35km women: Yusury Palacios
- 20km women: Maritza Poncio
- 20km men: Erick Barrondo and José Barrondo