22/01/2022   Antalya (TUR): The National Championships of Turkey


Antalya in the beautiful Konyaalti Boulevard hosted the National Championships of Turkey today with the following program:

- 08:30: 35km (men and women)

- 10:00: 20km (men and women)

- 11:30: 10km U20 (men and women)

- 12:00: 10km U18 (boys)

- 13:00: 10km U18 (girls)

As usual, the national championships are “open” to athletes from other Countries and the competition is also valid for the World Athletics - World Race Walking Tour in  Bronze Level.

Among them stand out:

- from Slovakia - Michal Morway who competes in the 35km men and Klaudia Zarska who competes in the 20km women

- from Latvia - Ruslan Smolonskis competing in the 20km men

- from Lithuania - Austeja Kavaliauskaite competing in the women's 20km

- from Croatia - Michal Morway competing in the 35km men

- from Kazakinstan - Galina Yakusheva and Kristina Morozova both competing in 20km women


There is no shortage of prizes.

The first three of each race of the 35km and 20km both men and women will give US $ 250, 200 and 150 respectively.


Jupiter Pluvius did not please the local organizers, making his presence felt on a rainy day. On the other hand, December and January are the two wettest months of the year in Antalya with an average of 12 rainy days each month.



35km men

Mert Atlı became the first Turkish athlete to enter the 35km list, which World Athletics included in the program instead of 50km this year.
Mert, who previously had a time of 2:44:30 in this event (established in Izmir, TUR on 3.3.2019), set the first official Turkish record in 35km by walking in 2:44:20 in Antalya.
However, the victory went to Michal Morvay (SVK) in 2:39:36.
Second place to Mert Atlı (TUR) jn 2:44:20
Third place to Bruno Erent (CRO) in 2:45:15


20km men


Victory to Şahin Şenoduncu (TUR) in 1:27:14

Second place to Ruslan Smolonskis (LAT) in 1:27:44

Third place to Abdulselam Imuk (TUR) in 1:27:50



20km donne


Victory to Galina Yakusheva (KAZ) in 1:35:37

Second place to Kader Dost (TUR) in 1:36:38 who wins the Turkish Campionships of 20km

Third place to Kristina Morozova (KAZ) in 1:26:55






10km U20 uomini


Victory to Mazlum Demir (TUR) in 41:51

Second place to Hayrettin Yidiz (TUR) in 43:10

Third place to Ozan Bayram (TUR) in 43:18



10km U20 donne


Vittoria a Elif Nur Ozbey (TUR) in 49:12

Second place to Ganime Cataltas (TUR) in 49:33

Third place to Sukran Ayaz (TUR) in 49:45


10km U18 allievi

Vittoria a Ayetullah Begce (TUR) in 45:24

Second place to Seyhmus Capat (TUR) in 45:47

Third place to Furkan Yaram (TUR) in 46:09



5km U18 allieve


Vittoria a Juste Perveneckaite (LTU) in 24:11

Second place to Esra Bingol (TUR) in 24:34

Third place to Tulin Ek (TUR) in 25:06