18/01/2022   The events of the Club Championship in Pescara



The races of the Race Walking Clobs Championship held in conjunction with the Italian 35km Walking Championship in Pescara.
20km men
Forty-four athletes at the start also as a consequence of the fact that the race was also open to maters athletes.
Departure on the 4:21/km pace and immediately the group of favorites formed by Federico Tontodonati, Gianluca Picchiottino, Davide Finocchietti and Andrea Cosi goes to lead.
For the first 3km the quartet proceeds in pairs and the battle between them appears truly exciting.
After the 4km Federico Tontodonati gains a few meters.
- at 5km the passage is: Tontodonati (20:36), Picchiottino (20:40), Cosi and Finocchietti (21:05). But Cosi and Finocchietti in an attempt to stay with the other two immediately find negative feedback from the jury. In fact, a loss of contact sticker appears on the board next to their bib number.
Both rightly slow down.
- at 10km the passage is: Tontodonati and Picchiottino (41:11), Cosi and Finocchietti (41:52).
Then or after the 11km Tontodonati forces his pace with a lap of 4:05 and takes a few meters off Picchiottino.
- at 15km Tontodonati (1:01:39) is 9seconds ahead of Picchiottino (1:01:48). Andrea Cosi passes in 1:02:24 and 25 seconds off is Davide Finocchietti (1:02:49).
On the following lap the shouts of encouragement from Picchiottino's coach encourage him to recover the ten meters that separate him from the leaderships, which happens punctually at 17km. The coach screams again and Picchiottino doesn't think twice about it. With a lap in 3:57 Tontodonati definitively takes off and feels the blow.
His subsequent rounds for Picchiottino are a Rossinian crescendo.
Victory to Gianluca Picchiottino (ITA) in 1:22:08
Second place to Federico Tontodonati (ITA) in 1:23:37
Third place to Andrea Cosi (ITA) in 1:23:51
Fourth place to Davide Finocchietti (ITA) in 1:24:55
Good news for the technical sector on the course: the jury, after the initial two red cards in the very early stages of the battle between Cosi/Finocchietti and Picchiottino/Tontodonati, no longer intervened in any way, fully accepting the walk of the four.
20km women
Twenty-three athletes at the start.
The chronicle says very little.
It seems to attend a training of Valentina Trapletti (ITA) and nothing more.
These are her passages:
- 5km in 24:35
- 10km in 48:57 (24:22)
- 15km in 1:13:05 (24:08)
- last 5 km in 23:53
Vittoria to Valentina Trapletti (ITA) in 1:36:58
Second place to Anna Ferrari (ITA) in 1:40:48
Third place to Giulia Miconi (ITA) in 1:41:48
10km U20 men
It was perhaps the most awaited event by the technical sector of the Italian team in view of the World Team Championship in Muscat in Oman next March.
And from a competitive point of view, the race did not disappoint at all.
A group of three athletes is immediately formed at the head of the race: Emiliano Brigante (ITA), Diego Giampaolo (ITA), Pietro Pio Notaristefano (ITA) followed a few meters away by Nicola Lomuscio (ITA).
The pace is quite fast.
The passage to 5km of the first three is 20:52 and sees Emiliano Brigante in the lead, followed by Giampaolo and Notaristefano. Lomuscio with a few meters of delay passes in 20:55.
The technical situation sees Brigante, Giampaolo and Lomuscio with a red card, but soon everything changes immediately for Emiliano Brigante.
Over the course of a lap, he receives two more red cards and is stopped in the penalty area. When he comes out he just has time to do one more lap and then he is finally stopped by the jury and DQed.
It would seem the green light for the victory for Diego Giampaolo who in the meantime is  leading the 7km in 29:01. Lomuscio (29:11) and Notaristefano (29:28) follow him.
But even Giampaolo now has two red cards against him.
He still manages to cross the finish line in 41:26. But just when there are five meters before the finish line, the third red card against him arrives at the table of the jury and then is added, as per rules, the penalty of 1 minute to his time of arrival which becomes 42:26.
Nicola Lomuscio benefits from this and wins the race in 41:40
Second place to Diego Giampaolo in 42:26
Third place went to Pietro Pio Notaristefano in 42:49
10km U20 women
Vittoria Di Dato (ITA) wins the race in 48:32
Second place to Giada Traina (ITA) in 48:42
Third place to Sofia Fiorini (ITA) in 48:51
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