17/01/2022   Italian 35km race walk championships




First titles of the year for athletics. In Pescara, in the Italian 35 km walk championships, Matteo Giupponi and Federica Curiazzi, both from Bergamo, win the victory
35km men
Immediately in the lead Matteo Giupponi and Stefano Chiesa who pass the 5km in 22:03. Giorgio Rubino follows them in 24:33.
A small group made up of Riccardo Orsoni, Aldo Andrei, Teodorico Caporaso passes in 22:40
At 10km Giupponi is alone in the lead (43:28), Chiesa follows (43:42) and the other three in 44:42.
Rubino and Chiesa have already received two red cards, while Caporaso and Giupponi only one. For Giupponi il will remain the only one for the whole race
Giupponi's passage at 20km takes place in 1:26:10
They follow him in 1:28:40 Orsoni, Andrei, Caporaso.
Rubino after an hour of competition is stopped in the penalty area from which he exits after 3:30. He will do two more laps but then he will be permanently disqualified.
Even Chiesa had to deal with the technical decisions of the jury and between 18km and 19km he is stopped in the penalty area. He will then move on to 20km in 1:30:33.
Between 20km and 30km also Caporaso and Ettore Grillo will have to deal with the same penalty area, but while Caporaso will then be able to finish the race Ettore Grillo will share the disqualification with Rubino.
At 30km the order of passage is as follows: Giupponi (2:09:01), Orsoni (2:12:03), Andrei (2:12:17), Chiesa (2:13:59), Caporaso 2: 15:27
Giupponi covers the last 5km in 24:44 and goes on to win his fourth Italian championship in 2:33:45.
The battle between Andrei in Orsoni becomes heated. Riccardo Orsoni checks in 2:34:42
Third is Aldo Andrei in 2: 34.46
Fourth comes Stefano Chiesa in 2:36:42
Fifth arrives Teodorico Caporaso in 2:37:56


Photo by Filippo Calore - Italy


35km women
Immediately in the lead Federica Curiazzi and Nicole Colombi who pass together at 5km (24:45)
At 10km Nicole Colombi drives on Federica Curiazzi in (49:16). Followed by Sara Vitiello (52:04) who shows a spectacular march to the public and the quartet Vittoria Giordani, Simona Bertini, Rosetta La Delfa and Annalisa Russo (53:06)
The technical deciosions of the jury hit Beatrice Foresti who after the stop in the penalty area will be disqualified.
At 20km pass in order: Colombi (1:38:03), Curiazzi (1:38:36), Vitiello (1:42:55), La Delfa (1.45: 01) and Giordani (1:45:39)
Between 20km and 30km in particular at km 26 Nicole Colombi is stopped in the penalty area, giving the green light to Federica Curiazzi for the victory.
The passage to 30km is: Curiazzi (2:27:21), Colombi (2:29:43), Vitiello (2:34:01), Giordani (2:37:56)
Victory to Federica Curiazzi in 2:52:24
Second place to Nicole Colombi in 2:54:32
Third place to Sara Vitiello in 3:00:12
Fourth place to Vittoria Giordani in 3:04:42 who wins in the U23 category