12/01/2022   Pescara (ITA): Italian 35km Championships - preview






On Sunday, January 16, 2022, the Italian Championships of 35km road walk reserved to both men and women will take place in Pescara (ITA) organized by Passologico Pescara.
The competition will be valid as a selection for athletes participating to the World Team Walking Championships Muscat 2022 and for the long distance event (35km) of the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon 2022.
The day will then be completed by the races on the 20km distance (men, women and masters) while the U18 and U20 will compete on the 10km distance.
Also for the U20s, the competition will be valid as a selection for Muscat 2022.
Timetable Program:
- 08:45: km 35 Women
- 09:00: km 35 Men
- 11:15: km 20 Men
- 12:35: km 10 U20-U18 Men
- 12:45: km 20 Women
- 14:00: km 10 U20-U18 Women
Entry list:
35km men
It is certainly the most important race of the day both for the names of the entered athletes and for their previous performances.
Among those who already have a participation in a 35km in their carnet we would like to point out:
- Rubino Giorgio with his personal best of 2:30:50 established in Grosseto (ITA) on 28.1.2018. For the 35-year-old athlete of the Fiamme Gialle this could be one of the last competitions, since last season he had already expressed the idea of ​​hanging up his shoes
- Matteo Giupponi with his personal best of 2:34:43 which however dates back to 29.1.2012 and had been established in Latina (ITA)
- Aldo Andrei, not yet 21 years old, is the emerging name on long distance walking in Italy together with Riccardo Orsoni. He boasts a personal best of 2:38:13 established a few months ago (24.10.2021) in Grottammare (ITA)
- Riccardo Orsoni, who will turn 22 on January 29th. He too has the personal best of 2:38:45 established in Grottammare (ITA)
- Teodorico Caporaso with his personal best of 2:38:59 established in Grosseto (ITA) on 26.1.2020
Among the other entries the name of Stefano Chiesa stands out (personal best of 2:36:39 established in Grottammare). Recently on 19.12.2021 in the 35km of Rhaeny (IRL) the Carabinieri athlete stopped the clock in the scheduled trial training session after 25km in 1:50:12. Jakub Jelonek (POL) who was with him at the 25km pass finished in 2:35:42.
At the moment Michele Antonelli the winner of Grottammare 2021 is not yet entered in. In  Grottammare he had established the personal best of 2:33:40
At the first experience on the 35km we will find Francesco Fortunato with his personal best of 1:19:23 obtained on 16.5.2021 in the 20km of Podebrady (CZE)
35km women
Favorite is Nicole Colombi with her personal best of 2:54:12 obtained in Grosseto (ITA) on 26.1.2020
The most important opponents will be:
- Federica Curiazzi with her personal best of 2:56:02 obtained in Podebray (CZE) on 16.5.2021
- Beatrice Foresti who will especially try to go below 3:00:00 (personal best of 3:04:04 obtained Podebray, CZE on 16.5.2021)
- Annalisa Russo with her personal best of 3:15:15 obtained in Ostia (ITA) on 23.1.2021
At the first experience on the 35km we will find instead:
- Vittoria Giordani with her personal best of 1:39:39 obtained on 5.6.2021 in the 20km of La Coruna (ESP)
- Bertini Simona with her personal best of 1:41:43 obtained on 26.1.2020 in the 20km of Grosseto (ITA)
20km women and men
In women, the result of the race seems to have already been written.
Valentina Trapletti (last season 1:29:58 in Grottaglie, ITA on 7.3.2021) and Lidia Barcella (last season 1:36:43 in La Coruna, ESP on 5.6.2021) will fight for the victory
In men the most popular names for the podium positions are those of Federico Tontodonati, Gianluca Picchiottino, Andrea Cosi.
It will be interesting to see if Davide Finocchietti will be able to improve his personal best (1:25:41) obtained in Podebray, CZE on 16.5.2021
10km U20 men and women
In men the most popular names for the podium positions are those of Emiliano Brigante (41:48.25), Nicola Lomuscio (43:57.08) and Diego Giampaolo (43:47.1h).
In women at the moment neither Martina Casiraghi nor Alessia Titone are entered, so the fight for the victory should be between Anita Laiolo (48:38:58) and Vittoria Di Dato (48:45.17)